Bavaria puts entire ballet corps in quarantine

We hear that the whole of Bavarian State Ballet is in quarantine after several cases of coronavirus. Rehearsals are suspended and ‘Swan Lake’ is cancelled. Two extra opera nights have been added.

After one dancer initially tested positive, all 70 ensemble members were tested and five more came up positive. Everyone has now been locked down, including ballet masters and company pianists.


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  • It’s admirable that companies and ensembles who can afford to try to keep going, but at what cost, and at what point does it just become untenable? It hardly seems worth the effort. 300 or 400 people in halls that seat 2000… it’s not working.

  • Yet again, the group least at risk – and who is possibly healthier than ballet dancers? – sacrificed for who knows what.

  • You know, NL, you bemoan (mock almost) the closing of the Met, the NY Phil, etc., but this is like, what, your 20th story on European arts groups closing down or members getting infected and hospitalized because of Covid.

    Opening simply doesn’t work because arts administrators are not (German) public health officials, they don’t put in place and they can’t enforce strict testing and isolation protocols.

    The European arts scene has simply been opening too early, and/or too unprepared, and people are getting infected, and the groups wind up closing … anyway.

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