Austria spends $1/4 billion on Salzburg halls

Austria spends $1/4 billion on Salzburg halls


norman lebrecht

October 06, 2020

The Austrian federal government and the state and city of Salzburg have committed 262 million euros to improve the festival’s performance venues over the next ten years.

The most urgent case for an upgrade is the Grosses Festpielhaus, which is 60 years old and barely updated.

Even the Green Party wants to see it improved – possibly with a musrhoom farm on the roof.



  • erich says:

    Wrong picture. That’s the Mozarteum bunch.

  • Counterpoint says:

    With cross-reference to today’s post about the Edinburgh Festival, I would be very surprised if the Austrian authorities have imposed any conditions to the funding concerning token equalIty, diversity and inclusion. The future of the Salzburg Festival looks rosy; but that for the Edinburgh Festival is bleak as a servant to politicians playing to the gallery with the lowest common denominator and no ambition to build on a great artistic legacy.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      We’re building a new house and went through the terms and conditions with the consultant on Monday. Line by line we examined our mutual obligations until I piped up, “I’m not signing this; there’s absolutely nothing in here about equity, diversity and inclusion’.

      We all laughed. A lot.

    • Aria da capo says:

      Oh, believe me, they did and there is the 2018 “Clemenza” to prove it (independently of the musical value of the performance). As for the upgrading, being a regular visitor for many years, I would recommend a collective “collaboration” of the city, because it is unelegant and scary for a festival of that caliber when the airport lights shut before the 11 o’clock flight passengers have picked up their luggage and even the prestigious Zacher hotel does the same before midnight. After all it is a luxurious experience they are selling and as a client I have some expectations along with the musical ones (that often failed).

  • Matthias says:

    A hot take from Mr. Lebrecht about the Austrian Green party? Didn’t know he was involved in our domestic politics!
    Anyway, looking forward to some avantgarde compositions featuring construction noise at future festivals.

  • Doc Martin says:

    A magic mushroom farm on the roof!

    Now yer suppin Diesel! Is Salzburg planning a series of hallucinogenic concerts?