Almost half a radio choir falls sick

In the Latvian Radio Choir, 10 out of 24 singers have tested positive.

The entire choir and its conductor will be quarantined into November.


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  • “Falls sick”? All you’ve indicated is positive PCR tests. Is anyone actually sick? In hospital? Near death? The casedemic strikes again – aiding and abetting the ongoing destruction of the arts and of the world at large, over a routine seasonal flu-like virus not even amongst the 20 most deadly in history.

    • Testing positive means you have a virus and you ARE sick, even if you don’t feel ill. You are also of great danger to others, and very selfish of you don’t quarantine. Why wait for more people to die before you do something? Hello America.

  • For the umpteenth time, aerosols.
    This new simulation shows why speaking, a fortiori: singing, while sitting or standing next to another person is not safe. Quite a lot more unsafe than intuition might suggest.

    How many more must become infected before performers, audiences, organisers, authorities wake up to reality, and to their responsibilities?

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