A conducting competition without women

A conducting competition without women


norman lebrecht

October 13, 2020

We were sceptical about La Maestra, the women’s-only conducting contest.

But the all-male list of selected candidates at Italy’s Arthur Nikisch Competition suggests equality still has some way to go.

Here’s the list of hopefuls:
Attar Yaniv from ISRAEL
Baltar Gardon Roberto from BELGIUM
Buribayev Yelmar from KAZAKHSTAN
Cheng Jiannan from CHINA
Cohn Maurice from USA
De Godoy Luiz from BRAZIL
Druker Pablo from ARGENTINA
Hasegawa Yuki from JAPAN
Hollander Gabriel from BELGIUM
Hsieh Kenneth from CANADA
Jeong Woltae from SOUTH KOREA
Jeong Yoona from SOUTH KOREA
Jung Hyeju from SOUTH KOREA
Kee Jebat from MALAYSIA
Khudyev Farkhad from USA
Khun Nicholas from GERMANY
Lapedota Sergio from ITALY
Murat Cem Orhan from TURKEY
Park June-Sung from SOUTH KOREA
Prior Alexander from UK
Salazar Marin Jose Angel from VENEZUELA
Scolnik-Brower Sasha from USA
Shetilian Bedros from USA
Smeets Joost from HOLLAND
Stadnyuk Danil from RUSSIA
Vizireanu Vlad from ROMANIA
Vrabec Ondřej from CZECH REPUBLIC
Yao Shun from USA
Yun Hyun-Jin from KOREA
Zhou Dan from CHINA

And this os the one-and-only maestro whose name they are traducing.


  • Online says:

    Let us remember that this is a online competition. No orchestra will be conducted. The only matter of discussion will be videos. Let that sink.

  • Incredible says:

    This is not a conducting competition.
    Is a competition about “who has the best video while conducting”.
    Poor guys have just wasted money… and the women are just more intelligent abd they got it!

  • Ariana says:

    It is an absolutely lie!
    The list of the names above has very talented women conductors in it! The writer of the news has to do a better research before publicly announcing anything!