Where’s Yuja?

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  • Love ya, Yuja!
    Stay safe!
    (And keep playing! I know a wonderful musician here in The City who is so disoriented by the quarantine that he stopped practicing for four months. He’s just starting to get back into playing again.)

  • As Mozart said of Clementi, he is a mere mechanicus. The very same can be said of all these PRC automatons. They can play all the notes in the right order, but without any real soul.

    Listen to a real pianist, the celebrated Les Dawson, play his “wrong note” version of Scott Joplin’s Entertainer or as he refers to it as an amusing Tarandittle. It takes real talent to play the “wrong notes” but in the correct order.

    Even Roy Plomley was impressed.


    • Even if your initial generalization is reasonably close to being accurate in many cases, there are still some notable exceptions of which YW is one of prime examples. As for the video you seem to admire, it neither impresses nor convinces.

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