Stars in short pants (12): Kissin

Stars in short pants (12): Kissin


norman lebrecht

September 16, 2020



  • Ted says:

    Watch on youtube Yoav Levanon play the same concerto at the age of 11.
    Simply unbelievable.

  • violin accordion says:

    Please post Yo Kitamura in actual short pants playing Haydn Elgar , Rococo Variations and more, around 8/9 years old (YouTube)

  • christopher storey says:

    I did watch the complete film on you tube, and was struck by what a wonderfully mature performance it was : notably, he did not hurry it along, which , as fanny Waterman said in recent years , is the besetting sin of modern pianism

    Thank you, NL, for guiding us to this

  • Edgar Self says:

    Phenominal 12 year old. Then another only 11. Easy to see where this leads.

    Ptoud parents took their prodigy backstage to meet Liszt apostle, feared wit and Ph.D. Moriz Rosenthal. “How old are you, my dear?”. he asked her. “Please, sir, I’m five.” “And what are you playing?” “Please, sir, the Tchaikovsky concerto.” Sadly heshook his head at the parents. “Too old.” he said.