Seven months pregnant, this song launched my career

The distinguished Scottish soprano Margaret Marshall has got around to putting up a website of her best recordings,

She opens with the song that won her the 1974 Munich ARD international vocal competition when she was seven months pregnant.

It’s called The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation. Listen here.


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  • Thank you Norman, a beautiful piece. I first came across it (and fell in love!) in a charming performance by Isobel Baillie on a very old recording, and Margaret Marshall’s rendition is also very beautiful. Lovely to be reminded of it.

  • How wonderful to hear again the voice of the young and extraordinarily talented Margaret Marshal! She enjoyed a stellar career that I feel has not been sufficiently acknowledged by the powers-that-be. That she was not created Dane Margaret still mystifies me. Thank you Dane Margaret (for that is how I consider you) for those early recordings and reminiscences. I look forward to many more episodes.

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