Scottish Opera is doing nightly pop-ups

From Kate Calder of EMR:

Six months and three days after last hearing live music in Edinburgh, I and around forty others are sitting on stools on a pleasant September afternoon in front of a trailer in the courtyard of the Festival Theatre.  We’re in pods – marked out circles which can seat one to four people – and the spacing is comfortably generous.  As it’s outside, we don’t have to wear masks….

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…. The next afternoon we’re back for ‘Don Giovanni’.  The same quintet of performers are now in black coats.  They have more need of them today, as an autumnal chill has the audience huddled up in padded jackets too.  The format is as before, this time with illustrations by Tim Gravestock.  These are oil paintings with some chiaroscuro to befit the dark themes, beautifully executed…

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    • Quite funny Jimbo ( very Scottish!) but did you see Scottish Opera’s attempt to respond to Covid ,or indeed ENO’s brilliant Drive In Boheme now available on Sky Arts? Or are you happier with Chewin the Fat?

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