Minnesota cuts players’ pay by 25%, maestro’s by 35%

The Minnesota Orchestra has extended its musicians’ collective agreement to August 31, 2022. Players agree to give up quarter of the pair due to Covid. MD Osmo Vänskä has volunteered a 35% pay cut.

No comparable cuts have been disclosed for the orchestra’s management.


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    • Actually, the cuts announced in the cited press-release encompassed musicians and management. This begs the question as to whether the new 25% musicians’ cut is in addition to the 20% cut musicians accepted in June, or whether it is replacing it. Either way, this would imply musicians taking a bigger cut than “administrative team leadership members” (who seem to be still only on a 20% pay-cut, with the exception of the “President and CEO”). Moreover, if it is in addition, is the 25% calculated in relation to the pre-June pay (which would mean an overall 45% cut, calculated as 20%+25%) or the level after the cut in June (which would mean an overall 40% cut, calculated as 20%+(25%*(100%-20%)) )?

  • Odd because the Music Director’s salary is customarily negotiated separately from any player salary negotiation. I guess OV will now have to give up a few upper echelon five star catered dinners in his penthouse for the politicians who demand “defund the police” and the “new normal” including the call to end “white privilege” does not include live classical music.

      • Petty catchphrases are ALL the left has to offer as was obvious in Biden’s rantings during the debate.

        He offered nothing of substance as he stood there in a senile stupor not fighting for the arts once!

        Americans would clearly be on their own with ‘slow Joe’ and his earpiece.

        • It was a little difficult for VP Biden to offer his wisdon when you had the playground bully rant non-stop for 90 minutes. Trump showed his ignorance and lack of class at the debate. He does not have the intelligence to actually debate so he goes with his tried-and-true “insult and redirect” strategy which is fine because he does not have anything of substance to say. He’s scared and he should be.

  • I’m hopeful they’ll go through with plans to perform and record Mahler 3. I’m very much enjoying their series of Mahler symphonies on the BIS label.

  • Again, I applaud the generosity of the working demographic in foregoing so much to save the over 65 cohort – the vast majority of Covid-19 victims. This is charity on an industrial scale.

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