Let this be our Take Care anthem

The Screaming Divas are at it again.

Last week, Sondra Radvanovsky recorded a track in Toronto’s Koerner Hall with pianist Rachael Kerr and sent it to co-diva Keri Alkema.

Keri did the video alchemy.

What comes through is the soaring hope of two opera singers that we will, never, walk alone.

We’re all in this together.

Take care of each other.

Wear a mask.

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  • Whilst I totally admire these artists and their superb aim, I simply cannot bear this horridly maudlin and frankly self pitying song. It’s not in the least inspiring. It’s historic overuse firmly sets it up as a nostalgic pity party number.

  • Thank you for posting. We all have to survive this as best we can, and we should not criticize anyone trying to help. There’s enough really wrong with the world.

  • I loved hearing this song, and the encouragement it brings, the empathy for what we’re all going through.

    I have to add that along with wearing a mask, people really shouldn’t neglect to change all of the things that en mass contribute and contributed to bad health, and still are killing more people every day than Covid, and has been weakening the immune system the whole time. People have to stop eating so much sugar, stop with the processed foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, exercise regularly and learn how to slow down and not cause so much stress in their lives (stress is estimated to be the cause of 90 % of illnesses). The toxicity in the environment and in food along with the rest (bad diet, lack of exercise, stress) has been killing more people the whole time, and compromises the immune system which otherwise might be able to deal with Covid. I don’t think there ever will be herd immunity to an unhealthy lifestyle. Changing all of that, which remains voluntary, might do more than any of the measures forced on people.

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