Leonard Cohen’s Rosh Hashanah anthem

Leonard Cohen’s Rosh Hashanah anthem


norman lebrecht

September 19, 2020

From the Hebrew prayer Unetane tokef:



  • Concertgoer says:

    Hey Norman, you forgot to cover the ‘Maestra’ competition, which ended yesterday

  • John says:

    Leonard Cohen’s artistry in music will live on forever.

  • Mi Baesh says:

    Not Rosh Hashana but Yom Kipur

  • Una says:

    We have just prayed for you all at Bradford Cathedral as I did the prayers! See the website. We have the wonderful Rudi Leavor, a true friend of our cathedral and 95 next birthday with the Bradford Tree of Life Synagogue, helped by the Muslims – a real inter-cultural city rather than multi!

  • Sharon says:

    Yet I understand he lived in a Buddhist monastery in California for a while

  • fflambeau says:

    I miss Leonard Cohen. Thanks for this.