Just in: Netrebko will return to La Scala in 3 weeks

The Russian soprano, recovering from Russian-strain Covid, has told La Scala she will sing an impromptu aria concert there on October 21.

Riccardo Chailly will conduct.


Giuseppe Verdi
from Aida
Ritorna vincitor

from Don Carlo
Tu che le vanità

Amilcare Ponchielli
from Gioconda
Danza delle Ore

Francesco Cilea
from Adriana Lecouvreur
Preludio Atto IV – Poveri fiori

Giacomo Puccini
from Madama Butterfly
Preludio Atto III
Un bel dì vedremo

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    • Boy, that Hunter Biden is one powerful dude! He apparently coughed on Anna in addition to being the source of all corruption in the world! But I thought this was once a classical music site, before it was hijacked by right-wing bloggers who keep shifting their usernames?

      • “But I thought this was once a classical music site, before it was hijacked by right-wing bloggers who keep shifting their usernames?”

        It was, yes. But clicks is clicks.

        They probably recommend this site to each other because we are always so willing to feed the trolls.

      • Hunter performs better on drugs. The number of rehabs he’s gone through is astonishing. Easy to see where all that Russian money went.

  • In what sense is a concert three weeks hence, with a programme, “impromptu”?

    What is “Russian-strain Covid”? This is the first time I have heard it differentiated by nationality.

  • She has chosen rather demanding arias, way to go then . Will wait for her Norma next. Belcanto music is said to heal all the viruses ever known 😉

  • So Putin’s vaccine is only good for the Russian strain?

    Is Netrebko the “bad-will ambassador” for spreading the Putin strain of Covid in Europe, starting with Milan?

    (Maybe that’s how Milan got contaminated in the first place.)

    Opera singers as vectors of biological warfare.


  • Doesn’t this show us that covid is not so severe in the non elderly? Just one month after contracting it she is back singing. I had dizzy spells and headaches for a month but other than 36 hours in bed with severe fever, body aches, and nausea I was fine.

    • No, your logic is erroneous, even if you came to a correct conclusion. In and of itself, Mrs. Netrebko’s COVID-19 experience only shows how she reacts to COVID-19.

      • The overwhelming majority of people recover from covid with no serious after effects. The news usually only reports on people who have severe reactions and that is making people think it’s more serious than it really is. Domingo had it and recovered at age 78.

        • You made a potentially valid point but couldn’t resist once again ruining it with anecdotal observation.

          You’ll never win with logic if you abandon it when it suits you.

          • All you can do is argue Kyle. That’s why people don’t want to listen to negative people like yourself and you’re alone.

            Karl is optimistic and reasonable as usual. Always nice to read.

          • I’ll just label that as an ad hominem attack and happily move on to the rest of my day full of music making with friends.

            Warm regards.

    • Just a day and a half in bed “with severe fever, body aches, and nausea” Probably also some lifelong changes (like to your heart and lungs) you do not realize yet.

      • Lifelong changes are called ‘getting old’. It happens to everyone. For some reason people now think they are going to live forever. You won’t.

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