Just in: Dutch opera boss is out

The British director Nicolas Mansfield will be leaving Nederlandse Reiseopera next week.

The official statement reads: Nicolas Mansfield, General Manager and Artistic Director is leaving the Dutch National Touring Opera. This decision was taken after mutual consultation between Mansfield and the Supervisory Board.

Mansfield stabilised the company in 2012 when it was tottering after Government cuts. Last year it recorded peak attendance and won additional Government funding.

So presumably the saviour can go.



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  • Your insinuations are completely out of place and show a lack of jurnalistic research. His departures is due to health reasons (I am sure google translate will do a better job them you did): “Het vertrek komt niet als een verrassing. De scheidende directeur, die in de zomer van 2019 tijdens een concert op de Oude Markt in enschede werd getroffen door een hersenbloeding, fungeerde de laatste maanden nog slechts op de achtergrond. Het besluit om te vertrekken vindt volgens het bestuur plaats in goed overleg.”

  • Unfortunately he also alienated many artists. He created a very creepy, uncomfortable atmosphere. First hand reporting here.

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