Jonas Kaufmann’s coming to Amazon Prime

The tenor has announced that a glowing domestic ‘documentary’ – titled ‘Jonas Kaufmann – A Global Star in Private’ – will go global in two weeks’ time on the Amazon Prime channel.

Just don’t go looking for warts.


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  • Basically utter garbage, but Corona is bad bad bad and the cost of living in such times is high high high. So bye bye , guilty conscience.

  • I’ve yet to see a documentary on a classical musician that does anything other than place the subject in the most positive light. When one sees that the documentary is financed by the subject’s record label, or management, or some other entity that stands to gain from the subject’s success, it’s easy to see why. In any other field, this would be called a conflict of interest.

    The closest I’ve seen to an unflattering moment was the doc on Bernstein’s late recording of West Side Story, and it was easy to understand why Lenny was growing impatient.

    • Nonsense. There is no conflict of interests here. As you rightly observe, both the film makers and their subject have the same objective. It is the public – or some of them, anyway – who wants the warts and all.

    • I read Lenny’s authorized biography and the unauthorized biography by Joan Peyser. Some people said Peyser made him sound like a monster. I think it made him seem like a human being, warts and all. Metoo would probably not have been kind to him.

  • Kaufmann is not old enough or long enough in his career to warrant a glowing domestic biopic, he is not DFD! I am not much interested in seeing what he eats for breakfast or who washes his undies or his current bird he is living with.

  • Anything goes, even selling your private life. Money money the richman’s world . Surely is the first opera singer to do so… And to think that he used to pretend he was not a divo! The change on him…or that young wife of his’ influence. or making hay while the sun shines.

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