Hall to orchestra: We’re shut, go away

Hall to orchestra: We’re shut, go away


norman lebrecht

September 08, 2020

Two weeks before the new season Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra was told by Bass Hall that it had no intention of opening again this year.

‘We were extremely surprised to receive this disappointing news just two weeks before the opening of our Symphonic Series, especially after working with Bass Hall management all summer on detailed plans for a safe reopening,’ said Keith Cerny, FWSO’s President and CEO. ‘Luckily, Will Rogers Auditorium was able to accommodate the addition of our symphonic performances this fall with only minimal schedule changes.’


  • Jeff says:

    Sounds like the royal festival hall to be honest

  • annon says:

    Y’all in Texas are just in denial, infections and hospital admissions doubled when your bonehead governor reopened the state over the summer. But I guess a suicide pact is a suicide pact, might as well go down listening to music.

    • Nelson says:

      It’s not just Texas…..half the country seems to think we’ve “turned the corner”, which is utter BS. You’d think there’d be enough intelligent folks to figure out what needs to be done (yeah, that’s a joke….), but I’m sure the Labor Day gatherings will spark further resurgences.

    • Larry Watkins says:

      Texas deaths are a fraction of New York’s and our economy suffered FAR less. FAR less. Looks like their ‘bonehead” Governor threaded the needle rather well, considering everyone is more or less guessing at the best way to handle this. Every day that we learn more about the disease, the better Abbott looks for opening up when he did. We could have used without the week sad weeks of riots and large protest gatherings however.

      • Brian says:

        Speaking as a New York resident, Cuomo has, by and large, done an excellent job. We were first and the nature of the virus was still unknown in many respects. But through discipline, hard work and following the science, NY has brought down the curve and kept it down.

        Southern governors could have followed our lead but instead wanted to please the maniac in the White House. So here we are.

        • John Chunch says:

          Ever look at deaths per capita? New York is worst in the world.

          • Tiredofitall says:

            Yes, this IS a competition, after all. Remember, it isn’t weather you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. Governor Cuomo has done very well, especially given the early entry point of the virus in the US.

          • Larry Watkins says:

            Why look? It would spoil Brian’ leftist Cuomo-Crush. Texas did better than New York. Florida did better than New York. Both in deaths and in economic wreckage.

    • Dennis Chung says:

      Protesters are spreading COVID-19 since they are not following CDC social distancing guidelines being all packed up in gangs besides their lack of hygiene and masks.

  • drummerman says:

    Very strange for them to be given only 2 weeks notice, if this report is true.

    And…can we all please refrain from posting political diatribes, etc. here. It takes us away from what this site is supposed to be all about. (Music, yes?) You’re welcome to have whatever political views you like but is Slipped Disc really the best place for you to broadcast them? Honestly, friends, it’s tough enough sheltering in place without have to read some of these postings. Just my humble opinion. No need for anyone to respond to this. Thank you. Stay healthy everyone.

    • anonymous says:

      thanks Drummerman, I agree with you 100%, fellow drummer here.

    • Tiredofitall says:

      Agreed, to a point, but everything in society is interrelated, the arts and politics included. Part of the problem for the arts is that it has operated in a bubble for too long. The pigeons are coming home to roost.

      If classical music and the visual arts fail to be inclusive, extinction is the only option.