Exclusive: Katharina Wagner is back at work

Exclusive: Katharina Wagner is back at work


norman lebrecht

September 10, 2020

We have received official confirmation from Bayreuth that its director Katharina Wagner will ‘return to her workplace’ during the course of this month.

That, says our source, ‘makes us all very happy.’

Five months ago it was announced that Katharina, 42, had ‘a longterm illness’ and could not continue as director.


  • Escamillo says:

    Oh dear.

  • John Rook says:

    Good. Now I hope she’ll start taking care of herself a bit more. She’s a good person who has not had it easy.

  • Brian Jones says:

    Can’t you bring yourself to wish her well?
    The time I met her she seemed perfectly pleasant.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    Sounds like great news.

    The original statement was that she could not continue her position “until further notice”. It is quoted verbatim in a previous SD post.

    Comments that she “could not continue as director”, along with more ominous predictions, did not come from Bayreuth.