Another artist drops out of the Proms

This empty season is not just ill-conceived. It’s also out of luck.

Alina Ibragimova has pulled out of tomorrow’s show with Nicola Benedetti and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment due to the death of her father. We send the family our sympathies.


Nicola will now appear in two Vivaldi concertos and one by Bach with violinists from the OAE: Kati Debretzeni, Rodolfo Richter, and Matthew Truscott.


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  • Norman. You just hate the BBC and anything they do. Your nonsensical views about Rule Britannia and Land of Hope in the Telegraph are cringeworthy. The words are absolutely outdated and anyway Elgar was not happy with them anyway. They were Novello’s idea to sell more copies and act as war cry. In the Coronation Ode EE got Benson to craft less jingoistic words. The UK is not overall an aggressive place and we should reflect that in the anthems we sing.

    • Such a silly comment, given that I have worked happily with many parts of the BBC for more than 45 years, and continue to do so.

      • Sonya Yoncheva has pulled out of a performance at the ROH. On their website: ‘* Please note that participating artists are subject to change due to challenging travel and quarantine restrictions.’
        I simply do not understand your sniping about the BBC Proms 2020. Personally, I am glad that the Beeb are commissioning new music and employing musicians and performing live. Sure, it’s not the Proms as we know it but it is better than nothing. Isn’t it? My only gripe would be the absence of any audience but, I guess, that is probably down to this idiot government and its constantly changing its mind: You can. You can’t. You can again.
        (BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed your contributions to JBW and the Today Programme. Bring back the ‘Lebrecht Interview’!)

    • Oh, do grow up you big girls blouse. There is such a thing as culture and tradition which may appear somewhat outdated in these “wokist” times but we traditionalist don’t give a ***t what you and your leftie / PC brigade think. The UK has never been an aggressive place and the singing of the original words does not make it any more so. Get a life!

      • UK has never been an aggressive place? The former colonial empire? Please educate yourself before forming strong enough opinions to make condescending comments to others.

        • Exactly. The British have a horrible record in their history. And “Rule Britannia”, and “Land of Hope and Glory”, both belong to a nationalist, jingoist past that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of Europeans over the past many centuries. “Follow the flag, lads!” Nationalism has been a virus infinitely more mortal than the Coronavirus.

  • I agree with Lebrecht in as much that this year’s Proms is an ill conceived concept.
    It should have been put off until next year.

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