Agencies are still signing artists

Markus Felsner, ex-Opus3 and newly established in Munich, has scooped up Greek soprano Christina Poulitsi (pictured), Austrian tenor Thomas Ebenstein and Italian mezzo Teresa Romano.

Interartists Amsterdam has recruited Rozemarijn Tiben from London’s Intermusica to create a vocal division. She has signed Vienna Opera baritone Orhan Yildiz and Dutch soprano Channa Malkin.

Some stirrings also at IMG. They have taken on conductor Robert Tuohy and the Castalian String Quartet.




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  • as if there will be any performance venues left when all this is over…. the likelihood is alas looking slimmer by the day worldwide.

  • Pay to view Webstreaming will be the only income stream for live performances, who wants to travel in a pandemic.
    If I could get my old telly to receive however I only have a FV telly not a smart one and sitting by my PC troubles my piles.

  • Bleeeetttt…go the lambs to the slaughter.

    (and that was pre-covid).

    To every newly signed (and expectant) artist signing with a large agency I would say this :

    1) Treat your agent with the same smiling, oleaginous contempt they reserve for you.
    2) They could be selling sausages. You are selling yourself. You will always have your art and your music – they will never have it…………….. or they would have done.
    3) Diversify, and invest your earnings in pensions and real estate.
    4) Even if you become a world-famous artist – don’t assume that means commerical prosperity.

    Boring, but oh so true.

  • Fine if they can provide work and a real audience, not one in a car park or warehouse. Anyone can get signed up and it’s being going on for years before the pandemic. Work is scarce unless you are a big named star.

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