Video: Israel Philharmonic demonstrates outside Prime Minister’s house

Video: Israel Philharmonic demonstrates outside Prime Minister’s house


norman lebrecht

August 11, 2020

The scene tonight as members of the national orchestra played outside the house of Benjamin Netanyahu, protesting at his mishandling of the Covid crisis and other issues.

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The videos were posted on the Philharmonic social media, an unprecedented rebellion..

IPO statement: Five months have passed since the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra came down from the stage. In this period, the instructions for us were changed not once and not twice, until finally all the cultural institutions in Israel were completely closed. The fitness clubs, hotels and restaurants have also opened, but the cultural halls choose the state to leave closed. Also the many efforts we took, to hold our concerts under the most stringent instructions, in order to keep your health and the health of the musicians did not help, so it’s time for us to raise a scream voice. At 19:30 pm, we will demonstrate in front of the Prime Minister’s Daycare in Jerusalem, and fight for our right to play for you, our dedicated audience. We all hope that soon we will be able to return to the stage and see you all. We can’t leave this stage empty!



  • Cuest says:

    True hearts! Beautiful people!

  • Norman, what’s your opinion on this conflict?

  • Daniel Kravetz says:

    The name of the orchestra is the Israel Philharmonic, not Israeli Philharmonic.

  • Nick says:

    There is no country in the world that “handled” COVID crisis ideally. NOT ONE!!!
    People learn as they go along – the “novel virus”!!

    There is nothing to demonstrate against here! Seems like a rather political gesture. Instead it would have been better for IPO to think of some way of presenting chamber music concerts in smaller venues for THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL instead of “demonstrating against the Prime Minister.
    It is disheartening, even though played and sung well.

    • Suzanne says:

      They are demonstrating because the government has not chosen any rules or regulations under which they would be allowed present any concerts, chamber music or otherwise, as you suggest.

      • Rachel says:

        Same as UK ….all live music played indoors is illegal here. Even a harpist at a wedding,guitarist in a pub or sting quartet in a hotel.

    • V. Lind says:

      There are so many other reasons to picket ‘Yahu.

  • the Israel Philarmonic is a marvelous orchestra. I saw them with Zubin last year in concert. One of the best national orchestra in the world maybe the best

  • Bipa Barfwani says:

    Stick to your guns, Norm, and steer clear of the political stuff – it’s all noise. Keep up with the high-quality classical music gossip we all love!

    All the best,

  • Brian Jones says:

    Following the riots in the Albert Hall last time they played in the UK in 2011, the BBC Proms management has made a decision to never re invite them.

    • Rachelle Goldberg says:

      Could you rephrase the beginning of your sentence. I would not call it a riot, but it should not have been permitted to have happened, to disrupt a concert particularly when it was being broadcast. The musicians have every right to perform. The RAH were slow to do anything about it. How do you know that the BBC Management have made a decision never to re-invite them. If this is the case it was made on ill advised political not artistic grounds.

  • LydiaWahlberg says:

    Why isn’t he in jail?,

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Why is that crook still in office?