Top director in Covid rush from festival to hospital

A single case of Covid-19 at the Grafenegg Festival has provokoed widespread testing.

Among thse found positive was the prominent Austrian film director Robert Dornhelm, who is now in hospital.

The festival continues.

Austria is having its highest Covid spike this week since the April peak.

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  • “Covid spike”

    Spike of exactly what, number of tests, number of positives, number of hospitalizations, number of deaths?

    Or just the number of sensationalized misleading screaming headlines that cause more panic among the already cowering-and-afraid-of-life ninnies?

    • Amen to that – and how many positives were “weak positives”? MSM has been appalling in how it has (mis)reported statistics…

    • Doug, the first thing I do when I awake every morning is to check the number of nationwide new infections. Back in early June, they were as low as 2. In the past seven days (14 August through 20 August) there have been 1.556 new infections. That number has only been surpassed in the four weeks between 15 March and 11 April.

      We are far more lucky with the death rate: there have been only 10 deaths in the past 15 days.

      If you want verification, please see this page from Wikipedia which is updated daily:

      This is an excellent and accurate tool for tracking the virus worldwide: simply remove the word “Austria” from the URL and type in the name of the country for which you wish to read the historic numbers and the latest number of cases.

      For the UK, the URL is:

      • We have the ‘covid rich’ and the ‘covid poor’. The former category are all in cozy public service jobs, media, health professionals and ancillaries and then there’s the rest of the population. Too bad for them; no money, no jobs and families to feed. Strong, healthy and unable to cope because the international economy has been trashed to save the lives of baby boomers.

        An absolute bloody outrage. There WILL be a political and economic cost. When that train comes you’d better get out of the way.

  • Only a lunatic would attend a mass event in the midst of a global pandemic. Austria started out ahead of most EU states, they locked down and demanded medical certification for entry. Once they eased up it will return big time. A paper in BMJ indicates 2m is not far enough, aerosol transmission of sars-cov-2 is up to 5m and over! Wear a mask and listen to CDs/DVDs for heaven sake. Austria is now on the UKs blacklist for quarantine. USA is a no go with that eejit Trump running it.

  • We have lost circa 1000 people this year from flu and about 130 from Covid 19. And that’s with flu vaccines readily available. For Covid we’ve trashed the international economy.

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