The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (165): Perlman’s roots

The great violinist will turn 75 next week.


The song they are performing is the Hebrew original of Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd.

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  • It was only yesterday we watched thim play the “Trout” with the “Kosher Nostra”,– DuPre, Mehta on double-bass, Perlman, Barenboim, Zukerman,– young, good-looking, healthy but for a stick or two. Playing Leclair, Wieniawski, and Mozart duets with Pinky, hunching his shoulders and rubber-faced at the espressivi, or asking leave to remove his jacket before tackling the “Kreutzer” in a hot Auditorium theatre, whereupon every coat in the house came off. Ravinia and Orchestrs Hall. And now 75!

    • I would set aside the “but for a stick or two,” assuming you mean Perlman’s crutches. A person can bear the mark of a long-ago illness or injury, and be healthy.

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