The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (147): …. and what Schnittke made of unfinished Mahler


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  • The Mahler movement here sounds very didn’t particulaly in the Argerich/Maiskys recording. The Jewish elements also come through more clearly.
    Then, shift of terrain.The inconlusive lines weaving toards the upper reaches at the end…

  • Post World War One Mahler, perhaps? I’m kind of hoping Schnittke doesn’t take a shot at Mahler 10. Luciano Berio . . . . now he’s someone I would have been curious to hear what he could have done with Mahler 10

  • From Schnittke’s biographer, Alexander Ivashkin (source: Wikipedia) there is a fine passage about Schnittke’s attachment to Vienna; there,”he fell in love with music, which is part of life, part of history and culture, part of the past which is still alive. I felt every moment there (the composer wrote) to be a link of the historical chain: all was multi-dimensional; the past represented a world of ever-present ghosts, and I was not a barbarian without any connections, but the conscious bearer of the task in my life.”

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