Netanyahu faces ‘va, pensiero’ demonstrators

Musical protestors outside the prime minister’s residence last night.

Some good sopranos there.

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  • Novagerio says:

    Where does that place the Israelite prisoners who sing the Chorus at the banks of the River Euphrates in the opera?…

  • Itay says:


    • Cancerdoc says:

      Eminently preferable to our woke fascisti here in the USA, although I suspect that va pensiero reference too subtle for Bibi

  • Walter S. says:

    So, they gave him a free show?!?!

    That accomplished???

  • LydiaWahlberg says:

    Are they upset that their indicted, criminal leader is still, well, their leader?

    • V. Lind says:

      You’d think…this guy is proving immovable. And an inspiration to Donald Trump, who has essentially put the US and the world on notice that he will not be shifted whatever the election outcome.

      • ofek says:

        as a person who lives in Israel, I can tell you that the public is spilt – 52% in favour and the rest against. due to a new party, each election ended up with a tie and now he established national union government, and there are some small groups that go and protest against that under the false title of “corruption”.

      • #JewsforTrump2020 says:

        Good for them BOTH!!!!!!!

        All the left has to offer is hysterics; NO GOOD POLICIES ANYBODY CAN NAME.

    • Nick says:

      Look in the mirror twice before you make any legal statements!

  • stanley cohen says:

    Just like being in Wales.
    Stanley Cohen

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