Lincoln Center goes vacant

Lincoln Center goes vacant


norman lebrecht

August 18, 2020

We hear that Hanako Yamaguchi has resigned after 30 years in programming at Lincoln Center, mostly spent in harmony with the departed Jane Moss. Yamaguchi was effectively head of music at the venue.

Her departure leaves just Henry Timms in the centre’s programming department.

This has wider implications. Arts centres like Lincoln and London’s South Bank are loking worn and out of tune with the times. Both face restructuring before Covid is over. The programming function, never their strongest card, needs to be rethought from the roots up.



  • Occamsrazor says:

    Soon Juilliard will be vacant , windows broken, homeless shooting dope, smoking crack, banging on pianos and drunk David Dubal chained to a radiator, lecturing them on Sofronitsky’s Skriabin interpretations in Ebonics.

    • Simon says:

      OK now that is funny!!

      • Occamsrazor says:

        Thank you, sir! One of my most favorite movies is Life Stinks. But the way things have been going, it won’t be much fun in reality. I simply imagined a scene where Juilliard is occupied by thugs and tried to make it funny instead of bloody. I once heard him dispense the opinion that Rachmaninoff’s music is overwrought. I haven’t forgiven him to this day. Being chained to a radiator, made to drink cheap liquor from a looted liquor store and made to give lectures in Ebonics about them mystic cords in Skriabin for a month or two world be the right punishment.

    • Former UWS mom says:


      The UWS is already HEMORRHAGING folks that voted blue and can’t accept the consequences. Now that the city dumped sex offenders, druggies and homeless next to them in 3 luxury hotels and crime mystically shot up in their predominantly white, expensive neighborhood.

      It won’t be long before the undesirables make it down to Columbus Circle from about 80th at both Broadway and Amsterdam streets considering the lack of NYPD support, relaxed penalties as well as “bail reform”…LOL and continued business failures.

      Fortunately, Lincoln Center is only a cluster of buildings. With no legitimate uses anymore due to the Chinese disease, they could all be donated to the city for humanitarian sheltering.

      What difference at this point does it make since white flight is in full force?

      • UWS forever says:

        This is false. There is a group (#UWS Moms) that has been pushing wildly exaggerated claims like the above. Complete with racist dog whistles

        I live on the UWS. It is safe and lovely.

        • John says:

          agree w uws forever. These exagerations of pedo homeless and rampant crime and trash on uws are fox news and post driven. The uws is still vibrant and will survive, as will lincoln center.

        • NYMike says:

          +1 – Who are these imbeciles?

        • White Flight of the Left says:

          You’re clearly lying.

          You don’t even live there to begin with.

          abc7ny is a reputable, local station reporting how the steep decline of the UWS is driving out those that can afford to maintain its culture in favor of trash Democrats are too afraid to consort with.

      • Elliott says:

        As a native of NYC, really glad you left

    • Elliott says:

      That would be an improvement

  • Kevin says:

    This is wildly incorrect on a few fronts:
    – Hanako’s title was Director of Music Programming, but that doesn’t make her “Music Director” a title that is held by someone else for Mostly Mozart (conductor Louis Langree).
    – Henry Timms is the chief executive of the organization, and not directly part of the programming department.
    – All that said, she’s been a a huge part of Lincoln Center’s unique voice in NY for programming, and it is true it’s a big change overall for the institution.

  • NYMike says:

    LC’s major constituents – NY Phil, NYC Ballet, Met Opera, Juilliard and Vivian Beaumont Theatre – do their own programming. Not quite comparable to South Bank.

    • MWnyc says:

      What’s more, Lincoln Center Inc.’s own programming, under Jane Moss with Hanako Yamaguchi, was far from “looking worn and out of tune with the times.”

  • Sharon says:

    Where is the evidence that these new homeless shelters have actually increased crime? The fear is worse than the reality.
    To those bloggers who put down the Democratic residents of the upper West Side–if it were not for the Dems there would not have been the funding for the Lincoln Center complex or the current arts funding, as paltry as it is, that keeps it going. Without Lincoln Center they neighborhood would have much for drug abuse and homelessness than it does today–Lincoln Center was and remains an very important economic engine.
    In the seventies and eighties the Upper West Side had more drug abuse, crime and homelessness than it does today and Lincoln Center really was not affected and in fact helped correct the situation.
    And yes, while there is some programming done by Lincoln Center as a whole (and they try to be pretty eclectic) most of the programming, including the current online programming, is done by the individual entities.