Just in: Spain locks chief conductor in quarantine

Just in: Spain locks chief conductor in quarantine


norman lebrecht

August 30, 2020

We hear that David Afkham, music director of Spain’s national orchestra, has been put in quarantine after being traced as a contact of a member of the orchestra’s artistic production staff who tested positive for Covid-19.

Afkham tested negative on both PCR and serology tests, but the medical authorities locked him down nonetheless. He’s being replaced at the Santander Festival by Jaime Martin.

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  • Dan says:

    Locking (healthy in this case) people up against their will… Covid1984

  • Just saying says:

    Not “locked down by the medical authorities” (that’s NL playing with terms and with your heads again), but quarantined. The rules are the same for anyone exposed to an active case (not just orchestra conductors). The recent notable increase in all cases, active cases, and hospitalizations in Spain might be thought good reason for responsible measures.