Covid rises further at Gergiev’s sickening Mariinsky

Here’s the latest from our mole at the sickening Mariinsky:

The entire ballet corps were put on sick leave/ quarantine on August 14 retroactive to August 10. They are due back at work today.

There are sick people in the orchestra who are listed as being on vacation. The musicians are told to keep silent about Covid. One complained to the theatre doctor that he felt really ill and was told to go back to rehearsals.

One doctor’s clinic in St Petersburg lists 38 positive cases from Mariinsky alone.


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    • But on the plus side, in Putinland, once the epidemic has passed (as all respiratory viruses do), they’ll get back to life, not be cowering in fear half a year later when morbidity and mortality is a statistical error off zero…

  • Those old enough experienced the Hong Kong flu, 1968-69. More deaths than now. However, hardly anyone remembers. Why ? Nothing was closed down, and life went on as usual. And the virus passed away…as correctly, I think, suggested by dr. Tonreihe

    • I do very much remember this epidemic. Then Polio before that and TB as well. These were are scourge and, of course, Malaria kills many more people than all combined. I learned only recently that the actor Robert Redford survived Polio. Some of my husband’s childhood friends died from it in Fiji in the 1950s.

      I guess you need to have learned at least some history to know this. Alas, not any more.

  • When you have become Putin’s sycophant you can hardly address the real nature of the Corona virus. You have to follow the company line no matter what the truth is.

  • Drink your bleach or your Putinist/Trumpist Kool-Aid. It doesn’t matter.
    The Covid virus is real and it’s killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.
    Sue Sonata Form: I don’t know if you have parents or grandparents still living, but if you do: they are at risk.
    That’s the bottom line. Ignore the warnings at their (and your own) peril.
    I’m scared; you should be as well.

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