Finnish maestros bring Finn composers

Klaus Mäkelä becomes chief conductor tonight of the Oslo Philharmonic. He opens his accouint with Mahler’s first symphony, preceded by ‘Wiegenlied’ by a little-known Finnish composer, Sauli Zinovjev.

This is a common ocurrence among that newest breed of Finnish conductors. They like to export their own.

Let’s see who Mäkelä promotes in his other job, at the Orchestre de Paris.


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  • While 500 other young conductors try to survive and get an assistant position in the second hand german theatre. Well, I think it’s enough music for today (or for this year)

  • A common occurrence amongst all generations of Finnish conductors – they are excellent ambassadors for their homeland. All kicked off by Salonen and Saraste.

  • is this really surprising? many conductors over the years have successfully promoted their national repertoires, giving concert time to composers and works that might not otherwise get more widespread exposure

  • Little-known and not a particularly interesting composer are what would very well characterise him. Mäkelä should be promoting higher quality music from Finland. Especially women are rising: Wennäkoski, Tarkiainen, Damström, Leinonen – Saariaho of course is already mainstream. All the above way more interesting and imaginative.

    • “Composer Colleague” should focus more on creating music than taking anonymous potshots at composer colleagues. This comment is super lame, hostile, and cowardly for its anonymity.”

    • Well, get ready for more Zinovjev – Mäkelä has stated in an interview a few years ago that he plans to conduct every single piece Zinovjev writes, and so far, he has!

      • Um, I perform Sibelius’s music as well as listen to it, but he’s not exactly a living representative of Finnish composers.

        I did have several pleasant conversations with Aho some years ago, and I like listening to his music. I haven’t yet performed any of his works, but I’m considering tackling one or more of his chamber works. We’ll see.

  • If he ever plans to program a marathon concert of the complete symphonic works of Segerstam, I will definetly buy a front row seat!

    • Is there such a thing as a front row berth? 🙂

      (That’s a commentary on the length of the program, not the quality.)

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