Everyone’s masked – except Jonas Kaufmann

Everyone’s masked – except Jonas Kaufmann


norman lebrecht

August 03, 2020

…  and his fellow cast-members of Naples’s Aida.

From Kaufmann’s fanclub feed.


  • Kelvin Grout says:

    There are five other people in this photo not wearing a mask!

  • Gustavo says:


  • Andrew says:

    Excellent, Jonas and friends, enjoying yourselves in the prime of life. Well done. No need for face nappies for a disease with a fatality rate similar to seasonal flu. Nice to see some people with a sense of proportion.

    • Bostin'Symph says:

      I’m just a few years older than Kaufmann, generally fit and not over-weight. I went down with Covid-19 in mid-March (confirmed by an antibody test) and, to date, I am not recovered. I’m one of the lucky ones: I didn’t need to go to hospital or to be put on a ventilator, but I am still suffering extreme fatigue and numerous other symptoms. I can assure you that it is not like seasonal ‘flu.

      • Karl says:

        Antibody tests have a high rate of false positives. Aside from that statistics show that the overwhelming majority of people recover from covid with no severe difficulties. A person in his 50s only has an 8% chance of being hospitalized for covid.

        I might have had it but didn’t bother to get tested. I could have picked it up in Boston where they had a confirmed case in early February on someone from Wuhan. I had something that made me pass out and gave me headaches and dizzy spells all through February. I ate lots of curry and chocolate and that cured me.

        • sycoraxwatchi says:

          Without severe difficulties? Well, except of damaged lungs and brains and being sick for weeks …

          I usually don’t wish people bad things, but for people like you who deny the dangerousness of Covid19 I wish they’d suffer from it for only a few days.

      • Andrew says:

        Sorry to hear that. As I said, it has a similar fatality rate as seasonal flu. That’s what the statistics tell us. Even with seasonal flu, some people will go on to develop complications like ME, etc., which is unfortunate. That’s still no excuse for crashing the world economy and the estimated 2700 deaths per week here in the UK through non-Covid unintended consequences of the lockdown. Deaths directly caused by the lockdown; including withdrawal of cancer screenings and standard treatments for other serious illnesses – with more deaths to come through suicide and mental illness as the furlough scheme is withdrawn and mass unemployment and business failure appear. Those imposing lockdown are killing people.

      • sycorax says:

        I feel with you. I caught Covid-19 in May and I’m still not entirely recovered.
        It makes me really, really furious how same ignorami are playing with the health and life of other people.

      • Hilary says:

        It’s deeply unfortunate that there are people out there who seem unable to relate to anything outside of their first hand experience. I hope your account will make them pause thought.

        Public confusion has been augmented by governments and health advice bodies who have shifted their position over the past months: a volte- face in the case of face masks for instance .

    • Mathieu says:

      Estimated number of flu cases in the US (2018-2019 season) : 35,5 million

      Flu deaths in the US (2018-2019 season) : 32400

      Covid 19 cases In the US (so far) : 4,8 million

      Covid 19 deaths in the US (so far) : 157424

      Do the math.

      • Tony Oft says:

        4.8 million diagnosed cases, but we know that there may be 10x that amount asymptomatic cases. Do the math.

    • Patricia says:

      In which other planet have you been living? I had COVID en March. I am 53 yr old, very fit, singer. Have never-ever coughed so much and so violently in my whole life, for 3 whole weeks. No remedy worked against those thick and sticky phlegms, and believe me, I know quite a lot about expectorants. I still have antibodies. I live in Madrid, where quite a few colleges have seen their singing careers ruined by COVID. I would never recommend anybody to underestimate this disease.

  • Dennis says:

    Good to see some sane people.

    Those masked on the left side of the photo appear to be restaurant employees – probably forced to wear or lose their jobs. If allowed to act like human beings, I’m sure most of them would get rid of the face diapers as well (had many at stores and restaurants here tell me such).

    • Ines says:

      It s clear you are one of those dangerous people who think that if it s not dangerous for you, let all the others die . And mr Kaufmann should think before he posts such photos with such proud and joy

      • Anti-COVID-19 says:


        The Chinese created this problem.

        The entire world is having to live around their irresponsibility.

        When was the last time anyone heard that China had developed a vaccine or bothered to try.

        Their sloppiness must be cleaned up by somebody else???

        Of course!

        They’re COMMUNISTS!!!!!!!

  • Yordanka Yordanova says:

    Kaufmann is a singer. If the common folks don’t mind wearing a useless mask, for a singer the risk of developing a bacterial pneumonia (the risk of bacterial pneumonia when wearing a mask is few times higher than the risk of contracting covid) could be end of their career.

  • SteelTownRunner says:

    “Half of the crowd isn’t masked”

    I’d ask who writes these headlines, but I’m afraid we know.

  • sycoraxwatchi says:

    Sorry, but as someone who’s since around 12 weeks fighting with Covid-19 it makes me furious to see such pictures. How egotistical, ignorant and idiotic to refuse the mask! But of course Mr Kaufmsnn is above wstching out for others, is he?

  • Ferdinand Müller says:

    Kaufmann is a very intelligent artist! Corona is being misused by politicians and the money elite for their agenda. The world has a crisis of measures. The real economy is broken. Sorry, but you are sheep – become critical and fight the mainstream!

    • sycorax says:

      For heaven’s sake, I’ m suffering from Covid-19 since 12 weeks! There’s no !fighting the mainstream”, there’s just fighting a sickness which made me feel worser as I’ve ever felt before and from which I know I can be glad to have it survived.

  • Cordula says:

    Did you ever think about the possibility that he has a negative test?

  • Agrion says:

    The probable reason that Kaufmann is relaxed about wearing a mask is that he has already had Covid, in London in February, later confirmed by an antibody test. He wears a mask and maintains social distancing when required. Given this, and how serious Covid can be, we are lucky that he has recovered well and is still singing, it could have ended very differently.