Domingo ducks the tough questions

Domingo ducks the tough questions


norman lebrecht

August 24, 2020

From a new interview with Associated Press, the organisation that brought about his downfall:

Opera legend Plácido Domingo denied ever abusing his power during his management tenure at two U.S. opera houses in an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, as he embarks on a full-throttle campaign to clear his name after two investigations found credible accusations he had engaged in ’’inappropriate conduct” with multiple women over a period of decades.

Domingo deflected direct questions about whether he ever sexually harassed women…

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  • I’m with her says:

    He hasn’t filed suit against ANY of the numerous women and refuses to testify because he’s GUILTY!

    SOURCE: the Liberal AP
    “Investigations by LA Opera and the American Guild of Musical Artists found the sexual harassment allegations to be credible. LA Opera did not find he had abused his power, but AGMA found a clear pattern of such abuse, according to people who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose the findings.

    Two of Domingo’s managers and a spokesperson briefly cut off the interview when the singer was asked to respond to the fact that both investigations had found the sexual harassment accusations credible and that one had found a pattern of abuse.”

    His own native country of Spain believes the women:
    …”But after Spain, his native country, CANCELED HIS ENGAGEMENTS, he quickly walked back the apology, insisting in a new statement that “I have never behaved aggressively toward anyone.”

    This woman stands with ALL victims

    • Angelica says:

      Any proof of Domingo guity, please? Untill now there are only metoo women non-proof words. And no any evidence. If it is ok in your country to accuse anyone in any crime without any proof?

      If someone wants to calim a crime he goes to police or court, but not to a newspaper or internet, like thsese metoo women. They dont go to police or court as their statements are false. They are ready to lie in media only and dont want to be arrested for defamation.

      There is still no a court process on Domingo case. That means He is innocent untill proven gulty. AGMA and LA Opera are not a court.

      AP Published one more false article. Domingo answered a question about harassment.

      You can find Domingo words in that video:

      Placido Domingo: “I never, never abused anybody. I never promised a part to a singer, or never take a part from a singer. I have spent my whole life helping, encouraging and driving people.”

      • Biden-Harris Supporter says:

        First off, you CANNOT disagree with Hillary Clinton!!!
        – It goes against the Left’s narrative and automatically makes you look like a “deplorable” Trump supporter.

        Second, Placido has been either sanctioned or outright BANNED from nearly all major opera houses around the world including being rejected by Spain.
        – It doesn’t matter if he’s innocent or not since it “doesn’t LOOK GOOD” to either the paying audience or rich donors.

        Third, Placido STILL hasn’t lifted a finger to either legally defend himself or sue ANY of the victims himself.
        – He’s asserting that he’s another “evil, womanizing male” by arrogantly EXPECTING gullible sycophants to follow him like a cultist which “triggers” the #metoo crowd, all Democrats, feminists and snowflakes at large.

        • Angelica says:

          I’m disagree with Hillary Clinton. So what? I’m not an American.

          In any case, Baiden is a women harasser, right? Why don’t you use the same standard for him? If a woman says Baiden harassed her it is truth, right. No proofs needed. Let’s believe women, right?
          Do you think Baiden must be in jail because of women harassment?

          So sad that I’m your country it is ok if a white man kills afroamerican. And it is ok to accuse a person without any proof like they did it with Domingo.

          I think only police investigation and a court process can find if Domingo guilty or not. Until that – innocent until proven guilty.

  • V. Lind says:

    I wonder what all the Deniers who populated these screens for months after the original stories will think of their hero speaking to a news service they found to be so beneath contempt…

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      I’ve read most of them and wouldn’t call them ‘deniers’. They know famous people are ‘womanizers’ (Carlos Kleiber, for example). They probably think as I do; that women need to develop the ‘balls’ to fend off sexual advances, rather than being entitled snowflakes who think the state will take care of them. Stop being cowardly and say aloud, “No thanks, mate” – but do understand that the womanizer in question has had plenty of past acceptances which has empowered him to think he’s desirable.

      We never expect the Left to be worldly and to understand anything like this, but it’s worth saying anyway. Nanny isn’t going to be there to help you out of all your scrapes.

      A friend tells of being in an opera company chorus and some men pinching their bottoms during an actual performance (decades ago). If you cannot find a solution for that then god help you.

      • V. Lind says:

        Sexual harassment of the ongoing, persistent kind some of Domingo’s accusers complained about is a persistent and abusive situation to have to face in your workplace every day. Neither women or men would tolerate daily bullying or belittling or other forms of verbal abuse. These are stressful, and demeaning, and they are WRONG.

        That’s what you, and Domingo, and the Deniers — and, yes, some fought his corner, as you do; others said the women out and out lied, which is patently untrue, given his admissions and apologies to date — do not accept. People are entitled to go to work without being harassed, especially sexually. It is an invasive and abusive behaviour, and is nothing to do with snowflakery — if physical enough it is criminal, as the new case in France would seem to be.

        I speak as someone who has always been able to “handle” any unwanted situations that came up, and I also dealt with some pretty powerful men with notions that would nowadays be called inappropriate. There are certainly situations that get blown out of proportion by those who are either “snowflakes” or too politically correct for their own good. I know men who have faced false allegations, and others who have had to alter their working practices to avoid being in any situation that could be used to compromise them (academics leaving their office doors open when meeting women students — something I would have rejected when I was a student because in-office discussions of my work were, as far as I was concerned, confidential).

        But it is not as simple as you ideologues would make it. You show a lack of empathy for others, and a lack of willingness to examine situations in their individuality and complexity instead of their lowest-common-denominator Phyllis Schafly simplicity. People are different, situations are different and, as Domingo himself has admitted, times are different So join the current century instead of pretending you live in the middle of the last one. Misogyny is an unpleasant trait, especially when it comes to women about other women. Weird pathology there.

        Now, back to your June Cleaver life.

        • True North says:

          Well, in another comment (re: COVID-19) she said we were only trashing our economies for the sake of a few old people, so that should give us some idea of the kind of person we’re dealing with here. Clearly no empathy, but also apparently not all that smart.

  • Tiredofitall says:

    Give it a rest.

  • Karl says:

    He keeps making the mistake of apologizing. That doesn’t work in this dog eat dog world. He hasn’t kept up with the times. He needs to hire better lawyers and start going after people.

  • Rudy says:

    He is not a gentleman. Trying to “clear his name” in that way only confirma that he is GUILTY.

  • Mick the knife says:

    Is there a man who hasn’t come on a little too much to a woman once or twice? Stop the over reaction and I’m talking to the beta males on this site as much as to the old ladies suddenly wanting to complain 30 years after the fact.

    • Angelica says:

      It seems that all these men which insult Domingo here are too jealouse of his succeess. These internet trolls definitly have problems with their personal life, they dont have successfull career and cant earn enought money. Thats why they post their dirty comments about Domingo. They are losers.

      It is actually normal if losers hate handsome, talented, ruch, successfull man like Domingo.

    • V. Lind says:

      Grow up. It is not 30-year-old complaints that closed the doors of every hall in America to him. It is every management that knew about his persistent behaviour and did nothing about it who realised that, given some women had come forward, that they would have a situation on their hands if he came to their houses.

      It was not, clearly, once or twice. It was his default behaviour. He as much as admitted it, and an investigation found complaints about him credible.

      Think of what he meant to those concert halls and opera houses. Prestige and revenue. He was not dismissed lightly. And most of these place are run by men. They can’t all be making it up or exaggerating. He’d have had them on wrongful dismissal. So who was over-reacting?

      • Mick the Knife says:

        Vlind: Its the fear of cancel culture, plain and simple, that is driving management now. At his age, I don’t think they felt that it was that much to lose, artistically. But if we consider ourselves to be intelligent and just, then we can’t presume to know why they did what they did. Since no new evidence was made available other than what I’ve addressed (a little oafishness as in sexually pushing until he gets a “no)”, to me, it is no big deal and happens. To you it is hideous.

        • V. Lind says:

          He would have filled halls. This is America we are talking about. Bottom line is bottom line. Why on earth is Europe so resoundingly behind him? Artistically? I think Austria knows how good a singer is just as well as the US.

          Your misunderstanding of the term “cancel culture is clear. But it was the organisers who cancelled him. At a cost to their bottom lines. Because they were aware of the stories circulating through their own backstages. Some of which had doubtless been drawn to their attention.

          In a litigious society, you do not dismiss a mega-star without cause. You get sued. And, win or lose, money goes down the drain, so it was a huge risk, if they were not pretty sure about their facts.

          And: he never fought back. He just rolled up his tent and disappeared into the night.

          He has been welcomed in much of Europe. He is now on operation salvage; the end is near, and he knows it and he wants his legacy to be for his artistic work, not his private reputation.

    • Heinrich S. says:

      James Levine!!!

      Your right Mick. Let’s stop overreacting since we all know how one of Domingo’s major mentors multiple accusations worked out. Great, eh??

  • Lan Xiao says:

    Placido Domingo in his interview with AP on August 23,2020, has made it very clear about his rejection of BOTH the allegations of harassment and abuse of power.

    Placido Domingo: “I never, never abused anybody. I never promised a part to a singer, or never take a part from a singer. I have spent my whole life helping, encouraging and driving people.”

    AP’s article has once again distorted many facts. Watch the video of Placido Domingo speaking direct to AP.

    • V. Lind says:

      He is very clear on abuse of power, which the investigation did not find din his case. He dodges the issue of harassment.

      Why will you people persist in denying what is right in front of you? Who gains anything from self-delusion?

      Looks like he will be going for an “I didn’t get it” defence. I pretty much believe that. But the fact that, as an experienced, MARRIED adult he didn’t get it suggests either colossal stupidity, which I do not think applies, or colossal vanity, which I have no doubt does.

    • Inez Marcannos says:

      Here’s the problem with mere statements and beginning every point endlessly by being ‘clear’ without listening to victims and going through the court of law:


      the aftermath…

      It’s a predictable pattern by now which usually includes the spouse’s criminal actions.

  • Nick2 says:

    Declining to answer a direct question about ever having harassed women, he condemns himself. No need for judge, jury or whatever else.

  • Paul says:

    Oh dear, so many proofs, here are just a few for you. Have you been living under a rock?

    1) AGMA’s investigation “concluded that Mr. Domingo had, in fact, engaged in ​inappropriate activity, ranging from flirtation to sexual advances, in and outside of the workplace”

    2) LA Opera finds that the allegations are credible

    3) Domingo himself apologised… it does not count that he literally took back the apology after 1-2 days, this only made him look more ridiculous than he already is

    4) Domingo donates USD 500.000 to AGMA to “help them fight against women abuse” (isn’t this ironic…), only to resign from AGMA at the same time… Why resign after such a generous gift?
    This was actually part of a deal to make AGMA silent about all results of the investigation, but as it came out they tried to change the story

    5) Aside USA venues (Met, Dallas, LA, Washington etc), Domingo is kicked out from Madrid (Teatro Real), the Royal Opera House (London) and Berlin (Deutsche Oper) among others, citing “mutual agreement” in some cases – how can you “mutual agree” or simply withdraw from performances if you are not guilty???

    6) You keep mentioning “court” and “not guilty until proven” and “crime without proof” and other similar childish words…
    Well, if he would have been “not guilty” he would have sued (in court, as you like it) at least some of the women (about 30 women in total) and also the publications that only told “lies” about him… would have saved him the honor and would have even brought him millions if he would have been really not guilty… He has the money and power to take people in court. But… he did no such thing as he is guilty and would have unquestionably lost.

    7) Domingo is not a baritone nor a conductor, there are other baritones and conductors who would have all been better suited than him, but he (in complicity with the ones who hired him) made sure to tick his 127482063835,5 performance on stage, even if he sung/conducted so badly… so even indirectly, he was taking other artists the chance of performing/conducting.

    Need more?

    Although I understand the love and adulation for an artist – be that one who in the past 10-15 years has only made a fool of himslef – I cannot understand how some people can be so blinded by this?

    • Angelica says:

      Do you mean that there is still no proof of Domingo guilty, right? Just sexual fantasies of retired opera singers which need money?

      1. AGMA and LA Opera reports are non legal. Only police investigation report can be considered as legal. Please post a link for a legal investigation by police or court if there are such materials available. Probably I missed something.

      And a question. English is not my native language thats why I’d like to ask. Credible doesnt mean true, right?

      2. In any case LA Opera Investigation found flirting and sexual advances only and that is not a crime.
      Gibson Dunn interviewed numerous individuals involved in the casting process at LA Opera. Based on those and other interviews, Gibson Dunn found no evidence that Mr. Domingo ever engaged in a quid pro quo or retaliated against any woman by not casting or otherwise hiring her at LA Opera, especially since casting and other hiring decisions are complex, performance-specific and determined by multiple people.

      3. Please dont post a link for corrupted yellow media like BBC and NY Times. Domingo has never appologised for harassment.

      Domingo official statement at his FB page.
      “I know what I have not done and I’ll deny it again. I have never behaved aggressively toward anyone, and I have never done anything to obstruct or hurt anyone’s career in any way. On the contrary, I have devoted much of my half century in the world of opera supporting the industry and promoting the career of countless” singers.

      4) Domingo donates USD 500.000 to support artists which lost their jobs dur to coronavirus. NY Times is a yellow press, they posted a bull shit again.

      5) If you are fired from a theatre that doesnt mean that you are guilty. Probalby that means a general manager is not smart enought. As I see Met and other theatres managers are really not smart enought. They fired Domingo and they lost money of all Domingo fans. Domingo has much more rich fans than any other opera singer. And now all these money go to Vienna opera, Arena di Verona, Teatro alla Scala and other European theatres which support Domingo. And Met spam me every week with donation request. So sad. A very stupid decison to fire Domingo. No Domingo no money.

      6) If people want to claim a crime, they go to police. Are you go to newspaper or TV show if you car was stolen? Definitly no. Metoo women came to newspapers and internet only, they dont go to police or court as their statement are false. They need just PR and money.

      7) If you dont like his singing or conducting, just dont go. It is your choice. There are lots of people which like him, they deserve to see him on stage.

      • V. Lind says:

        For the love of God, can you not get it through what you laughingly call your mind that NOBODY HAS ACCUSED HIM OF A CRIME? He has been accused of sexual harassment n the workplace. That is a workplace matter, and his US and some other workplaces solved it — they investigated, or accepted an investigation’s results, and fired him. (Or mutually agreed not to work together, if you like — that is cutting a guy they otherwise respect a break).

        But sexual harassment in the workplace cases do not belong in courts unless they go over the line into assault or worse. They are usually dealt with in the workplace, or by labour tribunals.

        Once again, he has not been accused of a crime, so there is no criminal case. HE could have gone to court with defamation. But he did not dare. The defendants would have had to testify, and God knows what might have been exposed.

        • Angelica says:

          Flirting is not a harassment. If these women dont like his flirting they can say “No”. If they say “Yes” they wanted him.
          They were about 30 years old, but not teenagers.

          Sopranos have alwaysd harassed Domingo to get roles. They have always waited for him near his dressing room. Now these women are old, retired and need money, Thats why they dont go to police or court, they came to media only – to get money and PR.

          Sexual harassment is a crime and should be investigated by police or court like it was with Harvey. Untill that – Domingo is innocent.

          Yes, it is very interesting to see Domingo accusers at court. They definitly are not ready to lie there. They are ready to lie at false articles in corrupted media only.

          AGMA and LA Opera investigtions are non legal. Is there any US law stated that AGMA and LA Opera investigations are legal?

          • V. Lind says:

            1. What money? The AP does not pay for news or interviews.

            2. Sexual harassment itself is not a crime, though some sexually harassing conduct is criminal.

            3. Sexual harassment in the workplace is generally treated as a civil wrong in the U.S. This means that the victim may sue the perpetrator (or, more typically, the employer) in civil court for monetary damages. Sexual harassment, as such, is not a crime under state or federal law in the U.S. However, certain acts of sexual harassment are also crimes.

            4. You automatically assume the women are lying because you idolise Domingo. It is a false assumption. You are entitled to idolise him, but you are not entitled to libel them. (Written defamation is called “libel”. Defamation is not a crime, but it is a “tort” (a civil wrong, rather than a criminal wrong). A person who has been defamed can sue the person who did the defaming for damages.

          • Angelica says:

            This dirty campaign against Domingo is a well-paid and well-organized one. These 3 metoo women is just an instrument.
            Of course I dont know exactly who is behind this, but there are several versions.

            1. Scientology sect is the main version. 1 of Domingo sons is still there and another 1 has left it several years ago. Domingo paid lots of money to scientologists due to his sons there were. Last year just several weeks before AP article ex-wife of Domingo son told many secret about scientology sect in her interview. Probably this dirty campaign is a revenge of scientologists. They have enought money to pay journalists and ex-opera singers for their words against Domingo.
            Read her inerview if you would like:

            2. The next version is Debra Katz, metoo lawer. She losts several metoo cases in court during last years and she almost lost her career. She badly needed a new metoo scandal case to restore her career. I suppose she could pay these 3 women. They are retired, they couldnt make a successfull career, and they definitly need money. She was absolutely sure that Domingo will not go to court as he is old and a lawsuite may kill him. She could added several anonymous persons as no one checks if they are real people or not. And there are still no evidences if these persons are exist.

            3. New general manager of LA Opera Christopher Koelsch. He is about 40+ years old, he was Domingo deputy and he dreamed to get Domingo position in LA Opera. But 2 years ago Domingo’s contract as LA Opera general manager was renewed. Koelsch didnt expect that of course.
            And after AP article he didnt support Domingo, he started internal investigation against him.

            These are the main version. What do you think?

            As for metoo women.. If they accuse Domingo or anyone else, they should prove it. Otherwise it will be possible to accuse anyone at any crime without any proof. It is a very wrong way.

      • Peter B says:

        Angelica… you are truly a lost cause living in your very own, extremely distorsioned reality.

        • Angelica says:

          That is all you can say?)) No real proof of Domingo guilty, right? You just hate him by any reason.

          When I talk about proof I mean: police investigation report, court desicion, pictires, audio and video recording. Is anything of that available?

          Non-professional reports of AGMa and LA Opera are non legal accourdong to US law, right?

          In any ase why do you consider Baiden as women harasser? He was accused in sexual harassment and situation is the same. No proof, just women words. We should believe women, right?

    • Angelica says:

      Why do you hate Domingo so much?
      Why do you waste so much time posting such dirty comments about him?
      Just interesting.
      I don’t like several opera artists but I don’t post bull shot about them. I just don’t listen them and don’t go to their concerts.

    • Karl says:

      You elucidated the problem in the first paragraph. Flirting with women is now considered harassment. Even if it’s outside the workplace! THAT is the problem. The definition of sexual harassment has expanded so much that almost any man could be found guilty. Domingo is the victim of a PC cancel culture run amok.

      • Judith Emery says:

        Yeah Karl; you identify with the likes of:
        James Levine,
        Charles Dutoit,
        Garrison Keillor,
        Charlie Rose,
        Louis CK,
        Matt Lauer,
        Les Moonves,
        Roy Price,
        Mario Batali,
        R Kelly,
        Bill Cosby,
        Larry Nassar,
        Harvey Weinstein,
        and many more who are predominately DEMOCRATS!

        The #metoo klan began by trying to smear Trump and look where it landed their Leftist “best and brightest” icons. In the TRASH where they belong for exploiting girls and women!!

        Domingo is just the same as the lot above otherwise he would have simply used the law to defend and exonerate himself by now. What’s he waiting for?!?!

        You wanna blame somebody else Karl, it’s the Left that began this and it’s the Left EATING THEIR OWN.

        By the way, which fellow opera stars, conductors and opera houses are visibly standing up for Domingo?!?!?! Not enough to get him hired anymore..

        • Angelica says:

          Many opera and music stars support Domingo. Only very bad artists like Patricia Wulf and Ángela Turner Wilson, who are too non professional for opera and stage, accuse him.

          Of course people always hate successful, talented, rich, handsome man like Domingo. You can see that on this forum.

          Smart people in Europe don’t care metoo histerics. On Saturday Domingo had a sold out concert in Caserta, Napoli. And his concert in Verona in Friday is also sold out.

          These are just several of many names which support Domingo.

          Dominique Mayer
          Zubin Metah
          Anna Netrebko
          Valery Gergiev
          Sonya Yoncheva
          Jose Carreras
          Ramon Vargas
          Andrea Bocelly
          Aida Garifyllina
          Yury Bashmet
          Daniel Barenboim

          And many more.

        • Karl says:

          It hasn’t taken down Slow Joe Biden yet.

  • Tom Phillips says:

    Why shouldn’t he continue to duck them when he has so many worshipful cult followers – whose “see no evil” cheerleading is so reminiscent of Stalin-era Communists.

  • Madeleine Richardson says:

    And still the Kennedy brothers are revered in the US. Such hypocrisy.
    The Met itself said that Domingo had no power of casting at the opera house so he couldn’t have ruined the accusers’ careers. They just were not good enough in a crowded and specialised art form.
    Anyway opera in the US has taken a hammering. Domingo is well out of it and should concentrate on Europe.

  • Dave says:

    Here is Domingo, fast approaching his 80th birthday. Instead of praise everywhere he goes, he gets peppered with questions about sexual harassment. I am sure that isn’t the legacy he had hoped for.

  • Madeleine Richardson says:

    The Met has is passing round its begging bowl and even streaming an opera with Placido Domingo in it.
    LA opera is looking at a deficit of 31 million dollars. Both opera houses have had to postpone their seasons, LA drastically so.
    Certainly Domingo unwittingly escaped a very trying time for the opera house he virtually created from nothing.
    At his time of life he didn’t need to be grappling with this kind of problem.
    European opera is government subsidised and cranking into gear so, in effect, events have actually worked out better for him because with the Corona crisis he couldn’t have sung in the US anyway.
    Poetic justice I’d say.