Bard signs Shaham

The Bard College Conservatory of Music has appointed violinists Gil Shaham and his wife Adele Anthony to the faculty. They won’t be doing much in person for a while.

Bard Conservatory Dean Tan Dun said: ‘I am so excited to welcome Gil Shaham and Adele Anthony to the faculty of the Bard Conservatory. Their musical excellence and dedication to teaching will be a gift to the entire Conservatory community.’

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  • Bard is the future. With a hire like this, they will surmount the devastation of COVID to educate the future of the arts, digitally.

  • This shows just how desperate freelancers are in the days of covid. And gives pause to think of all those musicians that can’t land a teaching job now.

  • An expensive gift. Being such a long distance from the city, I wonder how often any of the teachers show up. Three hours+ travel to teach a few hours? How many students can they really draw? Nevertheless, Botstein has built up the department very nicely. If only to employ NYC musicians a little more. Imagine, they even have two harp teachers! Sara Cutler is surely enough.

    • Not so far away, surely. Plus, in today’s congested and polluted and virus filled world, this looks like heaven.

  • Too bad that Bard is run by Leon Botstein, an autocratic misogynist who pretends to be a conductor. Hopefully Gil Shaham won’t have to interact with him much, let alone play a concerto with him…Bard, with their overreaching tendencies and shady finances, is hardly the future of conservatories.

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