UK will reopen some venues from August 1

UK will reopen some venues from August 1


norman lebrecht

July 17, 2020

From the Culture Secretary:

This is an experimental rollout for a hoped-for larger resumption in October.


  • Keith says:

    Announced just after I received notification from the LSO can celling their Barbican concerts until the end of the year.

    • Patrick says:

      Slightly incorrect! Barbican Centre is now open but the LSO resumes concerts there 14th December. Rattle, Zimmerman, Noseda. And in the meantime live streamed orchestral concerts from St Luke’s weekly, so efforts are being made by all, for all!

    • Patrick says:

      Think the LSO shall be performing at the Barbican from December 15th so you can go and enjoy yourself! Plus lots of live streamed LSO concerts leading up to that date. What more can they do in these times?