UK orchestra seeks artist in residence for an inactive year

UK orchestra seeks artist in residence for an inactive year


norman lebrecht

July 27, 2020

The Philharmonia, which has cancelled all its concerts until the end of 2020, is advertising a vacancy:

Artist in Residence
The Philharmonia seeks a socially engaged artist or collective to collaborate with the Orchestra. The Artist in Residence will create new artistic experiences across our 2020-2021 programme of activity. They will take an inclusive and critical approach to our work and provide perspectives not already seen within our season, which will be reflected in the art presented, the identities of the artist(s), and the communities and audiences they intend to reach. 



  • Peter San Diego says:

    Since the Philharmonia has not (yet) cancelled its 2021 activities, there ought to be opportunity for useful activity by an artist in residence.

  • MDR says:

    Given that they’re bankrupt it’s a miracle they’re planning to create any “artistic experiences” at all.

    • John Borstlap says:

      Reading the description, they want a ‘bankrupt artist in residence’ as well – all vapid trendy meaningless terms, the position has nothing to do with a serious aim – only PC window dressing.

      The current fashion of PC nonsense in classical music looks like the music world under Soviet regime, all artists involved had to comply with the party line, ‘music for the people’, patriottic, easy to understand, optimistic etc.

  • marcus says:

    Is there a translation into a recognisable version of the English Language available for that?

  • Alan says:

    What is a ‘socially engaged’ artist?

    • John Borstlap says:

      It’s an artist who wants to serve the interests of minority groups instead of the art form, so that the vapidity of his work wouldn’t be too conspicuous.

      That such vapidity is an insult to these very minority groups, goes mostly undetected.

  • Peter says:

    Under lock-down at home, we have all become artists “in residence”.

    • peterpepper says:

      don’t you mean “artists in residences”?

    • Edgar Self says:

      Touche, Peter, and Peter and Peter. Mark up tn points all round and order another pint.

      Socially engaged should screen out any nascent undesirable a-social or down-right anti-social little Beethovens out there, but what of the actual sociopaths, eh? Serial, atonal, microtonal, electronic or dodcaphonic?

      Who speaks for them to demand equality and non-discriminaion for the mediocre, who are always at their best, and always with us, unbrivileged and halfway up the hill that is uphill both ways, so to speak? Unequal distribution of genius is unfair and undemocratic. It should be outlawed by statute or at least executive order, and probably will be. Make mediocracy great again! And make the world safe for it.

  • Edgar Self says:

    In “Atlas Shrugged”, her 1955 novel, Ayn Rand anticipates two Congressional acts that would scarcely curl an eyebrow today: “the Equalization of Opportunity bill, and the Anti-Dog Eat Dog Law. It’s time, comrades

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    What a book-flaunting coterie of melomanes we are, to flog Krenek’s and my word du jour. As you will have guessed, the others for other days are prolepsis, Epimethean, and inenarrable, which I found where he left it in an epode of Bysshe Shelley’s, before he went onto George Gordon” confangled pyre. his heart as yet his own, but soon to Mary Shelley’s Frankensteinian distaste.