The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (113): Movie heaven

The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (113): Movie heaven


norman lebrecht

July 06, 2020

In remembrance of Ennio Morricone, who died today in Rome, aged 91.


  • Some of his lesser known non-film works are very attractive. Like his Concerto for Orchestra (1957).

    RIP Morricone.

  • E says:

    It often seems to me that it is the music in films that brings home the emotion, that “something” that the words alone
    cannot deliver. He will be here with us (and those who follow) as long as music is played.

  • You can add the soundtrack of ther Oscar winning film Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion with an other Italian genius, Gian Maria Volonte who was frenquently in the Morricone and Leone fims

    • “Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto” was the original title in Italian. I saw the french version (Enquête sur un citoyen au-dessus de tout soupçon) more than 40 years ago and I still remember vividly the pleasure I felt. The music is probably one of the reasons it was such a great movie, to wit: Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and Prix Spécial du Jury au Festival de Cannes.

      • Right. Elio Petri two years later won la Palme d’Or at Cannes with La classe operaia va in paradiso another film with Volonte and a music of Morricone close to the 2th symphony of Prokofiev in the spirit.

  • Phillip Ayling says:

    He was brilliant.
    I had the greatest time sharing a dinner with him, his wife accompanied by my meagre Italian.

    Many of us, (definitely me) work hard to discover our musical talents and grow as musicians…but music lived through him and thrived. He was the garden from which so many flowers bloomed.

    He scoring hundreds of films and wrote countless melodies…I loved them all… yet I am also shedding a tear knowing that the Maestro won’t be writing future gifts for us all. Che Dio ti benedica

  • Rob says:

    He was a one hit composer who ran out of decent ideas after that. He thought he was great. I can’t see what all the gushing is for.

  • V. Lind says:

    Lovely selections from a great canon.