The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (109): Who’s that singing Plaisir d’amour

Love how she jumps on this delicate song with both marching boots.

Lighter, with lots more vibrato and better French

Tenoro profondo

Fancy meeting you here

And let’s hear it from the woodwinds:

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  • caranome says:

    “Love how she jumps on this delicate song with both marching boots.” NL–WWII is over, your side won, and now are (allegedly) on the same side again. Yes, Elizabeth S. was late in disavowing the Huns, but oh could she sing!

  • PaulD says:

    A song like this really does best with simpler treatment. I go with Marianne Faithful’s take – it feels heartfelt.

    What was with that guy moving the microphone while Joan Baez and Nana Mouskouri were singing?

    • V.Lind says:

      And I guess they had never heard of soundchecks in those days. I thought their version was delightful, but better when Baez backed off the guitar — it was really too loud where she was standing and rather covered Mouskouri’s crystalline voice. A simple soundcheck would have sorted that — there was nothing wrong with the actual playing.

  • E. says:

    Mon Dieu, ma mème m’a chanté cela toujours quand j’étais petite. .L’amour arrive à faire cercle complet. Merci de cette belle selection que j’écouterai dans la soirée calme.

  • Structure & Emotion says:

    I’m missing VdlA

  • Merville says:

    Joan Baez et Nana Mouskouri sont pour moi les plus émouvantes

  • dgar Self says:

    I’ve long had Elisabeth Schwarzkopf’s and Beniamino Gigli’s versions, love them, adore Padre Martini’s beautiful song, which I last heard in Bad Toelz, Germany,in circumstances that an never be repeated. At a romantic tryst, the restaurant Grundig played “Plaisir d’Amour”. My knees are still knocking.

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