Star pianist offers lessons online

Star pianist offers lessons online


norman lebrecht

July 27, 2020

Maria João Pires is advertising for pupils.



  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    It is truly wonderful and inspiring to see dear Maria here, joining many in teaching remotely throughout the world. In a pre-pandemic world, most successful artists did not have the need to go online to teach, since they enjoyed the in-person teaching experience. I remember teaching online in 2006 when Skype was the main vehicle for doing so. It is tragic that the pandemic has forced many to retool their gifts and share them in different ways, but enlightening to witness the expansion of this medium with many brilliant people doing so. Keep the music flowing throughout the world, and good health and good luck to Maria, one of our blessed gifts.

    • Jay says:

      A buck is a buck is a buck.what people will do for the buck……….

      • John humphreys says:

        …why not just say ‘change the b for an f?’ Ludicrous comment – she is a highly principled woman who has done much for society and whose care for a quick buck is non existent.

      • Novagerio says:

        And what do you think freelance musicians should otherwise live of? Performing for free? Go and Jaywalk somewhere else.

      • Greg Bottini says:

        How crass, Jay. How very crass.
        Maria Joao Pires is, as Jeffrey Biegel writes, “one of our blessed gifts”.
        Get a life!

        • jay says:

          BS– the art form like most art forms demands a one to one human exchangewhen being taught.The screen is not a human being– the sound of the piano as picked up
          by a computer is not the true sound which already makes the lesson a false study.It’s a gimmick for a quick buck..

          • Greg Bottini says:

            You probably think that wearing masks and being quarantined are gimmicks too, Jay.
            Check the upvotes and downvotes and see what the majority of responders to this thread think of you.
            BS indeed.

  • Leo K. says:

    That look of anguish, from this video:


  • Michael Kaykov says:

    She must be an incredible teacher. Great news.

  • Skeptique says:

    Suggestes financial désespoir / similar problem . . .

  • Hal Hobbs says:

    You don’t have any other photo of her to use? Why is it so important for you to continue to embarass her by using a photo of an incident that occured long ago? Unless someone knows the context of the photo, they won’t understand the situation.

    Show some respect.

  • fflambeau says:

    What a terrible headline and one line ‘story’.

    She explains in the video that she is doing this to continue teaching in light of Covid; she does not need to advertise for students.

  • violin accordion says:

    What a wonderful lifelong duo with Augustin Dumay

  • Edgar Self says:

    Does anyone know if Pires still runs a school. paper manufactury, and other suchenterprises to benefit the youth of the area from her estancia in eastern Portugal, along the border with Extremadura, Spain, where Esteban Sanchez lived and died? I hope so.