Silk Road names Yo Yo Ma’s successor

Silk Road names Yo Yo Ma’s successor


norman lebrecht

July 28, 2020

The singer-songwriter Rhiannon Giddens is to be the next Artistic Director, succeeding Yo-Yo Ma who stepped down in 2017.

The PR says: Rhiannon is a multi-racial artist (who) embodies Silkroad’s values of embracing difference and sparking radical cultural collaboration and passion-driven learning to create a more hopeful and inclusive world. These qualities—and more—make her perfectly suited to lead Silkroad’s artistic vision into the future.



  • Caruso says:

    This is great news! She’s an incredible artist. Her recent collaboration with Yo-Yo was fantastic:

  • Larry says:

    Her career thus far has seemed to concentrate on American vernacular music so this is an interesting choice. The Silk Road Project has been wonderful. We wish her well.

  • kaa12840 says:

    Great choice; Everyone should listen to the Met Opera/WQXR series that she hosts, Aria Code

  • Sir David Geffen-Hall says:

    I wish her well.

    A tough act to follow but I’m sure Mr Ma had input in this selection.

    What a wonderful group!

  • Grittenhouse says:

    How incredibly comparable to Yo-Yo Ma. So au courant, so without artistic merit.

  • Steven van Staden says:

    Hasn’t there always been “cultural collaboration” and “passion-driven learning”? Why does it need to be radical? And what is a “multi-cultural” artist? Aren’t all? I’m tired of this inclusion of race as a factor in everything.

    • Glenn Hardy says:

      I’m gonna guess: You’re a white guy. And you’re tired of some stuff. I get it. We white guys really have it rough, having to live in a society designed and built around our wants and needs. Why can’t these “other” people just shut up and stop whining?

      • Steven van Staden says:

        They do indeed in a black-ruled dictatorship designed and built around black people’s needs.