Salzburg Festival: First Covid case

Salzburg Festival: First Covid case


norman lebrecht

July 09, 2020

A female employee of the festival has tested positive for Covid-19 after complaining of mild symptoms.

Everyone who has been in contact with the woman, a German national, has been reported to the health authorities. Five staff members who spent more than 15 minutes in her company at less than two meters have been placed in 14 days quarantine.

The Salzburg Festival says its resumptuon will not be affected by these six absences.

UPDATE: ‘Safety systems are working’


  • Gustavo says:

    The start of the second wave in Central Europe?

    There are also some school kids in Bavaria who were sent back home into lockdown – while folks from partly infested Northrhine Westfalia are happily making their family holidays in Austria.

    Loosenings came too early.

  • Pedro says:

    Though I had to cancel my trip to Salzburg for the first time since 2004 and for different reasons, I hope that the Festival can take place and with lots of success.

  • Brian says:

    Not a good sign. One of the most global of arts festivals is trying to push ahead with indoor events in a global pandemic. This can’t end well.

    • Karl says:

      I think it could just end up with herd immunity. At the rate the virus is spreading a natural herd immunity could happen before there is a vaccine.

  • Karl says:

    Does anyone know where she contracted it? Didn’t she have to quarantine herself for 14 days after entering Austria?

  • Mouse says:

    Photo: © Salzburger Festspiele/Andreas Kolarik