Peter Gelb: Met has gained 30,000 donors

Peter Gelb: Met has gained 30,000 donors


norman lebrecht

July 06, 2020

The Met’s general manager tells the FT its free live streams have boosted its Covid-era fundraising by $60 million.

“We are delighted at the cultural enrichment the Met has been able to provide,” says Gelb. “How to put a value on that investment? This is not the way I would have wanted to find out, but it has demonstrated the power of the Met’s catalogue, and our strategy has expanded the number and value of donations. We have added close to 30,000 donors and received $3m directly from the At-Home Gala [streamed live in April], half from small contributions, half in the form of large amounts from existing donors.”

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  • Smh says:

    How much are they sharing with their unemployed orchestra and chorus?

    • DAVID says:

      Probably nothing. Many managements view orchestra players merely as dispensable underlings (even though they know full well that they belong to the very best in their field).

      • John Kelly says:

        Probably right. Same goes for all the stage workers, set builders and so many others who “make the Met work.” On the other hand, absent an enormous donation or a government program (Met too big for PPP) then its hard to see alternatives. Covid has wreaked havoc in performing arts.

      • CA says:

        Right. But without the artists on stage these managements would have no jobs!!!

      • Anon says:

        I have it on good authority, the Met continues to pay all health benefits for all furloughed full-time employees. Gotta be several Million a month. So any revenue stream is greatly needed.

  • Kendrick Lamar says:

    Fortunately BLM are planning to ‘protest’ Lincoln Center as it symbolizes white oppression.

    History Lesson:
    The black, brown and poor San Juan Hill neighborhood was demolished in order to create this symbol of white power.

    • James says:

      Where on earth are you getting your information on protests?

    • Kathleen King says:

      “Symbpl of white power” — if that is your comment why the hell are you on Slipped Disc? Jesseye Norman singing Sieiglinde in 1989 Die Walkure broadcast only LAST WEEK . Hue Se as ChoChoSan. Eric Davis as Wotan and the black, brown yellow faces in the incomperable chorus and orchestra! The MET is civilization, period. If we hadn’t had these broadcasts, a lot of us would not have survived…literally.

    • Mick the Knife says:

      Reality lesson: there was always something there before anything was built.

  • Alviano says:

    Hooray. Maybe they will scrap the $25 shows in movie theaters and switch completely to on-line.

  • Tiredofitall says:

    Peter is his own worst enemy in the realm of PR. In this climate where everyone is struggling–in this case with the Met’s (rightfully) disgruntled musicians and staff–he should just lay low.

    Anything that smacks of being self-congratulatory or, worse, claiming some sort of fund-raising victory, should be kept low key, at the very least. Work hard to survive, absolutely. Crow about it, not so much.

    He’s had this approach during his entire tenure at the Met, beginning with counting the number of sold-out performances. That is, until the number of sold-out performances became fewer and fewer and fewer….and fewer.

  • sam says:

    Good broadcasts.

  • mary says:

    Nice work.

  • Kathleen King says:

    As with Smh below, perhaps Slipped Disc could report on how much is being shared to keep the MET staff — chorus, orchestra, union and nonunion support staff — intact. The MET is an organization, a priceless but fragile body. I am old, on a fixed income, living in a rural area and without the MET broadcasts, frankly, I could not, would not want to continue in these times. BUT I also know that the MET requires our support, rich and poor alike. I give what I can and it is not much, but all I can afford… that and my heartfelt appreciation to the PEOPLE who ARE the MET. It cannot be lost; THEY cannot be disbursed.

  • asteven says:

    Significant that the ROH charged £4.99 for its second and third rather dull concerts in an empty opera house. We have not heard how much those raised….anyway they will be shown for free on Friday on BBC. Bravo The Met for showing some initiative and thanks!

  • Save the MET says:

    Time for Pete to leave. Even the inept Schuyler Chapin did a better job.

    • Tom Phillips says:

      Chapin was by far the worst GM in the history of the Met (considering the much vaster pool of first-rate performers available to the Met at that time). No wonder he later worked for Rudy Giuliani during the Brooklyn Museum fiasco.

  • Dr. Clyde S. Hiss says:

    Broadcasts are being greatly appreciated in our home. Only wish the subtitle were a little larger.

  • Peter Gelb's Evil Twin says:

    And how many musicians were payed for the cancelled contracts? Were the orchestra, chorus, light, sound designers e.t.c also payed for being sacked out of nowhere?