Now you can watch the Salzburg Festival anywhere for free

Now you can watch the Salzburg Festival anywhere for free


norman lebrecht

July 30, 2020

The Salzburg Festival opens this weekend with a scaled-down programme for socially-distanced, limited audiences.

Because many are unwilling or unable to travel due to Covid, ARTE Concert has arranged to stream a live or specially recorded performance every night of the festival on its website website.

Starting with Elektra this Saturday.

UPDATE: We’re told the site is not accessible in the USA.


  • Mustafa Kandan says:

    At the moment, if I was to attend any performance, it would be more out of a sense of dedication and commitment than out of pleasure. The longer this crisis lasts, more I fear about its effect on classical music and high culture overall. The popular culture (as it exists today largely utter barbarism) will not be affected by all this.

  • Alan says:

    Free to view?

  • MezzoLover says:


    And I would love to hear from all the haters out there what they think of this generous gesture by the Salzburg Festival.

  • MIke McGuire says:

    All you have to do to see the concerts is have a virtual private network, aka vpn, and you have no problem to watch. I watch stuff on in the USA all the time without a vpn. Sometimes it is blocked, and sometimes anyone can watch. Unless told you it would be blocked, your information probably isn’t necessarily valid. The Vienna Phil isn’t live anyway. It’s delayed by a day. Elektra isn’t live either, delayed by some hours. Levit I don’t know.

    • Sixtus says:

      I use a VPN all the time to watch, and often record, geo-blocked audio and video streams from all over the globe. The Barenboim-Kupfer Bayreuth Ring cycle in high-definition, for example, is viewable until 25 August via VPN from (That site also is streaming audio of the Kirill Petrenko 2015 Bayreuth Ring but you don’t need a VPN for it.) Using a VPN is also the only way one can listen from outside the UK to BBC Radio3 at its highest fidelity online bit rate (an unusually high 320 kbps AAC). Otherwise one is stuck with a shameful, sonically inadequate 96 kbps. I consider a VPN a better investment than several of the subscription-only performing-arts sites.