No Covid qualms in Jonas Kaufmann’s Aida cast

No Covid qualms in Jonas Kaufmann’s Aida cast


norman lebrecht

July 28, 2020

More cast frolics from the forthcoming Naples production with Jonas Kaufmann:

Videos posted by Anita Rachvelishvili.



  • Bloom says:

    This is horror especially for a rather private person as Mr.Kaufmann used to be. I m wondering whether he approves on all the vulgar stuff the Rachvelishvilis post on social media in which he and members of his family are featuring .

    • Laura says:

      Mr Kaufmann private? Google opera and 95% of the entries will be kaufmann talking, explaining operas, advising, commenting, showing photographs, his life, tenor for the ages, rehearsals…the lot

  • Peter says:

    Who cares? Young, relatively healthy people have nothing to fear.

    • Pianofortissimo says:

      Sorry to say this, but maybe you’re right.

    • Bruce says:

      The only person I know who definitely has/had it is in his 20s, healthy (except for the virus), no co-morbidities — nonsmoker, not obese, etc. — works at my hospital but followed all precautions, as everyone does there.

      He only spent about 4 days in the ICU, though, and another week or two recuperating at home, so that’s fine.

      • Tiredofitall says:

        “so that’s fine”. Why is that fine? Is he certain that he did not spread the virus while he was asymptomatic?

        • SVM says:

          I think Bruce’s “so that’s fine” is supposed to be sarcastic (at least, that is how I read it).

    • Marshall says:

      Such ignorance.
      We know a 29 year old who was healthy-dead.
      A 9 year old girl just died of it.
      Apparently more school age children can get sick than originally thought,
      The pro baseball league in the US-may have to change its plans. cases all over the place even with empty stadiums
      Maybe this group is in a high maintenance bubble-their own testing etc. Like the NBA is trying in Florida so far so good but closed campus hourly testing, endless quarantines

      People should read the history of 1918 epidemic-we probably have a year to go

  • Fan says:

    Not surprised that he is drunked)) Pour man, he is so handsome, but his wife is too ugly. Enjoy, your free time, Jonas)))

  • Andrew says:

    Nice people having fun rather than cowering in fear. Wonderful. It’s what life is about.

  • Novagerio says:

    Let’s see if those fortunate mediatic phenomenons share their performances and their wobbly engolated screamy voices and unidiomatic colourless singing with the same frolicky and childish generosity as they use their Instagrams – and for free.
    OBS: #sarcasm

  • graeter says:

    I have to wonder if they keep posting photos solely to tweak this blogger. I hope so!

  • Dennis says:

    Good to see some people acting like sane human beings instead of mind-numbed government-controlled robots with face diapers.

  • V. Lind says:

    Why is this again tagged to Kaufman? There are three females in one picture and five people, two men and three women, in another.

    How is this HIS story? Is he the only person in the cast you have heard of?

    • Diane Valerie says:

      Herr Kaufmann = Clickbait, that’s why. Any post, however irrelevant, can guarantee a storm of replies from his rabid fans leaping to his defence.

  • Edgar Self says:

    “Men marry what they need. I marry you.”

    — John Cjardi, whose book title [s the second phrase.Women also?

  • Edgar Self says:

    Starting with the first rehearsals, the elephants will all wear masks ( tusk, tusk).