New product: A mask designed for singing

New product: A mask designed for singing


norman lebrecht

July 10, 2020

Made on Broadway.

We take no responsibility for the product.

It’s an objet trouvé.


  • Patricia says:

    I can´t see if it allows their mouth to open while singing, which is a challenge with the “normal” masks….

  • spot says:

    It kinda looks like a gigantic Tampon.. .. ..

  • Nick says:

    many promises – impossible to sing on stage.

  • Musiclover says:

    I was going to buy and try it. But it they are selling it for $23 for one mask and charge $15 for shipping?? so, you have to pay $38 for one cloth mask??? This is ridiculous.

    By the way, this video they linked on their website is worth watching:

    • Chas Elliott says:

      This is more than just “one cloth mask”. It is a researched, well-designed, expertly-made product for a very specific activity. The production of these masks provides employment and funding to an industry that has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It gives singers and actors the opportunity to continue practicing their craft safely.

      You might consider paying $50 to $100 for a paperback book ridiculous as well. However, many scores needed by singers fall in that price range.

      This is a well-made product that does exactly what it is meant to do. For many the price is quite small compared to having no option for safe singing.

      • Debra D says:

        Agree 100%. Have sung with this masks at two bald rehearsals and it is comfortable and highly resonant, and the stiff fabric keeps its shape and the nose/cheeks wire allows snug fit.
        Worth every penny of the $23 plus shipping fee.

      • Debra D says:

        Dear moderator pls make typo corrections: singular mask. And band rehearsals! Not bald lol

  • madbassoonist says:

    I’m waiting for a mask for wind instruments.