New chair at Covent Garden

New chair at Covent Garden


norman lebrecht

July 16, 2020

The Royal Opera House has appointed a successor to its former chairman, who died of cancer ealier this year.

The new chair is David Ross, 55, co-founder of the Carphone Warehouse Group and former chair of the National Portrait Gallery.

More significantly he set up Nevill Holt Opera in his Leicestershire mansion in 2013.

His net worth is estimated at one billion pounds.




  • Counterpoint says:

    He should have no problem preventing mobile phones from going off during performances.

  • Michael Alen-Buckley says:

    This is an inspired and brilliant announcement by the board of the Royal Opera house. David is a man of exceptional talent and energy – an inspirational individual who has delivered extraordinary results through his schools through his opera house and through his companies – he has an inclusive approach and inspires many people to work to the peak of their abilities and satisfaction. What a great decision

  • CA says:

    Bad timing: new chair, 400 casual jobs cut, likely many others they redundancy talks. Sheesh…..let’s hope that he has all of the right connections to muster the funds needed for going forward…..

  • Jenny B says:

    I attended an opera at Neville Holt. People were arriving in helicopters. At the next table in the dining tent were a group of very posh people, loudly effing and blinding in Eton accents. Confirms my decision not to continue supporting ROH.