Mazal tov: Maestro got married

Mazal tov: Maestro got married


norman lebrecht

July 02, 2020

We hear that Lahav Shani, music director of the Rotterdam Philharmonic and the Israeli Philharmonic, married Miri Saadon yesterday in Berlin.

Miri, a clarinetist in the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, posted that she is ‘celebrating our wedding with Lahav Shani in Berlin, Germany.’

She adds: ‘A perfect day with my forever best friend. Lahav, You make my heart smile, I love you ❤️’

We understand the wedding took place in the garden of Daniel Barenboim and Elena Bashkirova.


  • Pedro says:

    Congratulations! Lahav Shani is truly a great conductor. I remember a superb Schubert 9th with his Rotterdam forces at the Concertgebouw and hope that they will be able to present Bruckner 9th next Fall at the Bozar in Brussels.

  • Uzi Shalev says:

    Congratulations to Lahav and Miri!!!
    May Love and Happiness fill their hearts always!!!

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Mazal Tov indeed!
    May you be happy and long-lived!

  • HB says:

    How wonderful! – the uniting of two loving soulmates in marriage.

    How does the Psalmist put it? —

    “!זה היום עשה ה’, נגילה ונשמחה בו”

    “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice therein!”

    Mazal tov, dear Miri, dear Lahav.


  • Mark says:

    Mazel Tov !!

  • Good News says:

    A not insignificant number of downward thumbs to contributions to this good-news post so far. Is that disapproval on musical grounds, or perhaps reflecting a negative view of marriage as an institution, or something else perhaps? Let’s hear it..

    • MSS says:

      It’s called jealousy, some people just can’t be happy for others. Just don’t pay attention, all best 🙂

    • Enquiring Mind says:

      My analysis shows that the comment referring to the groom as a “great conductor” precipitated the vast majority of the down votes. The rest of the down votes could be done by as few as 2 people. Maybe ex’s? Because if people with a negative view of marriage had voted there would be a whole lot more down votes.