Breaking: London musical reopens

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre will stage 70 performances of Jesus Christ Superstar from August 14.

The 90-minute show will have socially distanced audiences and cast. Seating capacity has been cut from 1,256 to 390.


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  • Stephanie Marshall says:

    Tim Sheader is amazing to get this show on the stage! Fabulous work! Go Regents Park OAT!!

  • Kenneth Griffin says:

    To clarify, this is a special concert staging of the theatrical production.

  • V. Lind says:

    This is actually one show where this sort of thing will work, so well-chosen, someone. I have seen it twice, both times in parks. I was a student for the first one, which was at a huge outdoor space — closest experience to Glastonbury or the likes I have ever had. Masses of people, good sound system, touring cast.

    The second was by a semi-pro group in a smaller park in another town. It was a youth opportunity project or something worthy like that.

    Both were very entertaining. It is not even the best of ALW, but it has its strengths as a show and some jolly songs. don’t remember much about the music, actually, but I can still visualise it and I think it may well work in this context.

    Hope, however, that ALW is not the musical limit of what we can anticipate in “the new normal.”

  • Grittenhouse says:

    The performance will also be presented without taste and fine music, as Webber wrote it.

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