Boris delays music reopening plans

Within hours of Snape Maltings and the Wigmore Hall announcing resumption plans for September, the prime minister has said that easing, which was due to start to tomorrow, has been postponed until 15 August at the soonest.

This includes casinos, bowling alleys, theatres and concerts, all of which had arranged careful social distancing.

The reason is a rise of Covid cases in England to the highest level since May – some 4,200 new infections a day.


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    • You’re very callous with that “most.”

      I blame open pubs and restaurants. And the appalling lack of testing at airports.

    • Most people recover from syphilis. It does not mean I am in any hurry to get it.

      Silly statement. 25pc of residents at our village care-home died from Covid earlier this year.

    • Older people have a very high death rate and that’s a lot of the classical audience. Only the tobacco companies have been able to get away with killing their customers.

    • Depends on your view of Russian roulette. I seemed to recover well enough, a good old friend died. Pays your money…

    • Yes, most do indeed. However, some physicians believe that in serious cases damage to lungs may remain unhealed for decades.

  • This hapless government and anti music & theatre hater Bojo should be more assertive in their missives…
    It’s OK to crowd Bournemouth and Southend beaches, but not Aldeburgh or Wigmore….!

  • Why keep refering to him as “Boris”? He’s not our friend. He’s a populist corrupt grubby little charlatan who lies and cheats his way into the final act of this country’s sorry demise.

  • Rise in detections of any corona virus due to expansion of the testing programme. The tests have many false positives and most people are asymptomatic. There has been no rise in hospital admissions and deaths are below the seasonal average for the past 5 years. This is becoming sinister.

    • Absolutely right. There’s no evidence to suggest the utility of these random ‘safety’ measures. Interesting how the MSM isn’t talking about Sweden these days, isn’t it? Seems they got it right by not joining the Economic Suicide Collective.

      • Er Mr Rook, have you actually really avoided reading, watching, listening to ANY news in the last few weeks?
        Words fail me.

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