Berlin Senate decides: Let our people sing

Under pressure from Protestant churches, the Berlin Senate has voted to amend a ban on choral singing up to the end of October.

The Senate will now permit choirs to rehearse and perform under the ‘hygiene and infection protection standards set by the Senate administration.’ These standards have not hyet been published.

In neighbouring Brandenburg state singers must stand at least 1.5 meters from each other.


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    • So long as they don’t access the public health care system after getting infected. That includes their families.

    • If it were only their own health that they’d be risking, I’d agree. Since, however, they’d also be risking the health, even lives, of their families, friends, and people encountered by chance, there is reason to curtail this particular freedom for what one hopes is a finite period.

        • People who are ill with Covid-19 can just drop dead and let everyone else get on with their lives.
          Until their own turn comes.

          Such would be the logic of your statement, if taken to its conclusion.
          In other terms: the end of civilised society.

      • Come on, read the statistics properly and not through manipulated nanny-state, MSM spectacles. Those who seriously believe CV has announced the end of the world need their heads examining.

  • “evangelisch” in German translates as protestant (Lutheran), not evangelical. There has been tremendous pressure from the hundreds of amateur groups in Berlin in addition to the professional choirs.

    • Suzanne you are quite right about the translation but unfortunately on the EKD website, the English version uses the term “Evangelical”. I used to work for the Lutheran Church in Hamburg and was forever telling people that “evangelical” translates into German as “evangelikal” but my message never got very far.
      Sorry for the digression.
      And I also sang in several church choirs so I know how important this is.

  • Sorry, this is just a ridiculous Interpretation of what is going on. Berlin had banned every singing in closed rooms. You were officially not even allowed to sing to your infant anymore. It was silly to say the least. Thank God there was a revision. Happened after pressure from Amateur choirs as well as the Professional choirs (Rundfunkchor, Rias Kammerchor, Opernchöre). Especially the latter had rehearsed with very strict protection concepts before (3m – 6m between singers).

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