Berlin Phil cancels US tour

Berlin Phil cancels US tour


norman lebrecht

July 02, 2020

Bulletin from Berlin:

The Berliner Philharmoniker and their chief conductor Kirill Petrenko have been forced to cancel their US tour planned for November due to the ongoing restrictions on international travel caused by the corona pandemic and the closure of some concert halls in the USA.

It would have been their first US trip with Petrenko.

“We are already in dialogue with the promoters to catch up on the concerts planned in Naples,
Miami, Boston, Ann Arbor, Chicago and New York in the coming years. At the moment, such a
tour is unfortunately not feasible due to the current situation, and it would also be irresponsible
to stick to the original plans, however much this decision hurts,” said Andrea Zietzschmann,
General Manager of the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation.



  • Alan says:

    Place is a cesspit of Covid. Wouldn’t go near it.

    • Amos says:

      Thanks to the clown in chief who refuses to wear a mask or acknowledge responsibility for 130K dead Americans and counting.

      • PaulD says:

        I think you can blame Cuomo and his Minnesota counterpart for several thousand themselves. Apart from the nursing home fiasco, Cuomo spent precious time fighting with the mayor of New York City over who had the authority to shut down transit in New York City.

        Then there is the mayor of NYC, who had this great quote from April: “My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups,” de Blasio said in a tweet Tuesday night. “This is about stopping this disease and saving lives. Period.” Large groups of anti-police demonstrators and rioters are ok, though.

        • Inaustria says:

          Must disagree with your assessment of Cuomo. New York has gone from the worst infection rate to the best, no small feat in such a densely populous place. His daily press conferences are informative and frankly imo one of the fews sources in the U.S. to get honest facts. No one said protests are ok, (from a Covid perspective) including Cuomo. But he stresses the need for wearing a mask, unlike the clown in Washington.

        • Amos says:

          Quote me 1 sentence that trump has uttered wrt to COVID-19 which is as lucid, and informed as any that Cuomo shared at his “daily” press conferences. Taking action with no guidance from the federal government was the ultimate challenge. Last, the word “miracle” was never used as a solution in NY.

        • David P. says:

          Minnesota has had 1503 deaths, to date (out of 130,000 nationwide), so I don’t understand your problem with Governor Walz.

  • annnon says:

    Why? The US is open for business!

  • Tim Buscuitson says:

    The promoters would have cancelled it… not the band

  • Greg says:

    No way of knowing the nationalities of the above commenters but if they happen to be British they should know rate of deaths per million is in the UK is 657.7 while here in Trump’s America the rate is 388.93 (as of July 1). Not personally a big fan of our Prez but I seriously doubt the rate would be lower if only The Donald would wear a mask.

    • PaulD says:

      Belgium, France, Sweden and Italy all have higher deaths per capita than the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University

    • Karl says:

      It’s even lower in Turkey. That may be because they routinely use hydroxychloroquine to treat people with covid. The latest observational study showed it cuts the death rate by 50%. If it hadn’t been so politicized here by anti-Trump hysteria we might have cut our death rate by that much and saved over 50,000 lives.

      • Mr. Knowitall says:

        Hydroxychloroquine use is a minor aspect of Turkey’s strategy and it is, according to most health authorities, an ineffective technique. The country did embrace aggressive lockdowns, including shutting in everyone younger than 20 and older than 60. Public gatherings were severely limited, even in mosques. Contact tracing started with the first case. If the States had followed this course, many lives would have been saved.

    • Amos says:

      I’m an American and if the Prez wore a mask and clearly stated it was a way to lessen spread he would have saved lives. He would have saved even more lives if he hadn’t spent January-March claiming the virus was a hoax.

  • Karl says:

    Latest headline; Alabama students throwing ‘COVID parties’ to see who gets infected

    This might not be such a bad thing though. I believe in the controversial theory that we should be trying to reach a population immunity, because covid is far too contagious to contain. The population immunity is only being prevented by isolation policies. Evidence from Stockholm Sweden, where there was no lockdown, shows the herd immunity threshold is probably much lower than previously thought. The death rate there has been in sharp decline and a study showed their infection rate was only 15%. That will happen too here in the US.