Argentine pianist freezes to death

The keyboardist, Raul Pagano formerly with the bands Bersuit Vergarabat and Fabiana Cantilo, has died of hypothermia on the wintry streets of Buenos Aires. He had been living homeless with addiction  issues.

Report here.

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  • What a shame!

    He may have addiction issues but it may also have to something to do with the long arm of Covid.

    Plenty of people including professional musicians, work well with addiction issues. He may have had no money for housing and because of the addiction issues no friends nor family who may have still been willing to help.

    I used to be a nurse in a free 35 day drug rehab run by the state of New York but it is unlikely that Argentina has any medium term drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, as opposed to just a detox facility, that is government run or whose cost is covered by a state health insurance scheme.

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