America’s first post-Covid opera with audience

America’s first post-Covid opera with audience


norman lebrecht

July 03, 2020

Northern Lights Music Festival in Minnesota is staging Tosca outdoors this weekend – Saturday in Virginia and Sunday in Chisholm, continuing through July 26.

‘Probably the first opera performed live with an audience present in the U.S. since lockdown,’ said John Allison, editor of Opera magazine.

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From the director Veda Zuponcic:

Stevie Zubich just picked up the Albin Zaverl Exhibit “Memories of the Homeland”, paintings of the “old country”–Slovenia from the St. Louis County Historical Society. We have 20 paintings and will hang the exhibit at the B’nai Abraham Cultural Center, both in the lower lobby and some in the sanctuary since we have very limited seating there.

The Dvorak String bass Quintet is rehearsing across the street at the Holy Rosary Church: Zach Stachowski, Sara Rodriguez, Angela Krachtmer, TR Lewcun and Guilherme Ehrat Zils.

Tosca is being rehearsed in Veda Zuponcic Auditorium;
A rehearsal for Op 1 #1 with Chris Shin and Kolton Graf is just outside the lobby;
the Ghost Trio rehearses today with Iosif Feigelson, Alexander Markov and Edisher Savitski;
and, at 2:00 all the instrumentalist run over to the Chisholm Ampitheater for a rehearsal of the Festive Fourth concert–American in Paris and Overture to Candide.

Busy artistic bees here on the Range! (Who was that masked musician?!)



  • Jay says:

    Mime to recorded music ! ? and so the lunacy continues/

  • Frank says:

    America and Post-Covid are two peculiar words to use together in a sentence.

  • guy says:

    tosca can just blow scarpia a covid kiss of death, no need for the knife this time around.