400 jobs scrapped on London’s South Bank

But none of the desk jockeys, apparently.

Statement: It is with great sadness that the Southbank Centre announced that up to 400 roles have been put at risk of redundancy as part of a comprehensive management action plan designed to stem the financial losses being incurred as a result of Covid-19, and to help safeguard the future of the UK’s largest arts centre.

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  • Hang on – the title says “400 jobs scrapped..” but the text (rather less dramatically) says “..400 roles have been put at risk of redundancy “

      • Far be-it from me to defend the usually sensationalist headling-hungry discombobulations of NL, but on this occassion @Olivet is correct – there is a specific prescription of legal wording required to serve notice of impending redundancy – here observed.

    • That’s the legal form of words that they’re obliged to use at the start of a large scale redundancy process. The proposals will be put to staff, there will be a consultation process, and then the cuts will be made.

    • The statement continues as below, before more jump to a conclusion that NL is exaggerating. The knock-on implications for orchestras including the Philharmonia and London Philharmonic are concerning.

      “The Southbank Centre’s seated venues are likely to remain closed until at least April 2021 due to social distancing and as a result many staff now have no work. The Southbank Centre must implement measures to reduce its cost base and to develop new ways of operating and delivering its artistic programme when it is finally able to reopen.

      “Roles at all levels of the organisation will be affected and a 45-day consultation period begins on 15 July.”

  • Perhaps they are all FOH staff who are not needed at the moment but if still available may be called back if and when things get back to “normal”.

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